10 benefits to aromatherapy

10 benefits of aromatherapy

Each and every day, there are more and more wonderful ways to treat many of the maladies that affect us in this day and age. One great treatment that has grown a lot of traction lately is that of aromatherapy, which is a wonderful, natural way to deal with several symptoms in our nervous system. While aromatherapy may not be the cure to many of these things, it is certainly a remedy that is great to pair with other forms of treatment. Here are ten of the benefits of trying aromatherapy…


  1. Natural endorphin booster

Endorphins are the same hormones that your body produces after an intense exercise. One of the key properties of endorphins is that they make us feel happy by triggering neurotransmitters in our brain. Aromatherapy is actually a natural endorphin booster that can bring about the same level of endorphins brought about from exercise. This makes aromatherapy particularly great for those in addiction recovery programs, as this effect is similar to what drugs do, but not nearly as destructive. For more information about natural endorphin boosters, check out this website here.


  1. Reduces anxiety

Aromatherapy, with its endorphin producing properties, is a great way to reduce anxiety. While in aromatherapy, you will experience relaxation in your muscles that helps eliminate stress. This relaxation enables you to clear your mind and focus your thoughts, which helps cut down the negative energy that you may be feeling.


  1. Gives you energy

When your mind is cleared by aromatherapy, you will be freed to focus on what actually matters in your life. This type of focus is wonderful because it brings about a new energy and dedication, which can increase your productivity and make you feel less drowsy when you are out and about.


  1. Helps increase memory

Some of the most common and saddening diseases around today are Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Aromatherapy, while in no way an actual cure, is regularly used in the treatment of both of these things in order to strengthen the memory of those who suffer from them. Younger patients often partake in aromatherapy in order to strengthen their memory in their youth, as well.


  1. Cures headaches

Painkillers, actually one of the most abused substances in our country today, have been shown to damage your liver and your stomach lining over time. For this reason, many are turning to aromatherapy to treat their headaches and migraines. There are a variety of oils that have been shown to be effective in curing these headaches, such as peppermint, eucalyptus, sandalwood, and rosemary.


  1. Helps you sleep better

The relaxation that aromatherapy provides increases your brain’s production of melatonin at night, when you are lying down. Melatonin is the hormone that tells the rest of the body that it is time to go to sleep, thus ensuring that you get better quality rest during your sleeping hours. This is good when it comes to creating a well-balanced sleep schedule.


  1. Strengthens immunes system

Sometimes the best way to fight diseases is to stop them from happening in the first place. Aromatherapy is able to strengthen your body’s immune system by giving it anti-microbial effects that can be useful for fighting off bacteria and viruses. Of the oils that have been shown to help the immune system, oregano, frankincense, and eucalyptus have been shown to be particularly effective.


  1. Improves digestion

Aromatherapy has been shown to do wonders for your digestion system. Those who have undergone aromatherapy have noted that the treatment helped to ease constipation and indigestion, as well as help the patient feel less bloated. It has also been shown to have a small effect on speeding up your metabolism, which will be helpful for losing weight.


  1. Increases blood flow

Aromatherapy provides a stimulation to your circulation system. The relaxation provided by the endorphins will ease up your blood flow and allow it to circulate more properly. Aromatherapy also helps the patient control breathing, which will regulate blood flow in a highly effective way.


  1. Fights depression

Aromatherapy, while not always effective, depending on the type of depression, is incredibly safer than pharmaceutical antidepressants when it comes to treating depression. Although it is not a be-all fix-all, it can be effective to mix aromatherapy with other methods of treating depression.

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