The Very Best Quiet Book for your Little Ones

We love books around here! We have shared our favorite board books for babies, our favorite read-aloud chapter books for young kids and we’ve even given a little advice on how to read to your kids. So we are so happy to have our friends from The Mamas Girls guest posting for our Summer Learning Series today. This week is all about hands and they are reviewing the cutest quiet book.

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the very best quiet book for your little ones


Ever since I became a mom, I have wanted a quiet book for my kids. I have been searching for 7 long years! I have finally found one that I love, and more importantly…my kids love!!! Kids are using their hands to learn and they are quiet! Sensory play is so important in development of young children, but it is usually messy. This is the perfect way! It is called Wuka.

I got this book on a Saturday and was so excited to show my kids, but I wanted to make the grand introduction at church. I pulled it out of my church bag and every one of my kids wanted to play with it. Ages 7 down to 1. One great thing about the Wuka is that you can pick which pages you want and you can make more than one book from your pages! It really was genius to make each pages separate. You need to check out their website to see how you can assemble the Wuka. I got the Ultimate Wuka (10 pages). With it, I could make 2-5 pages books. So my kids can have their own book and switch when they are done. Brilliant I tell you!

wuka book review 1

Wuka books are so great for fine motor skills and dexterity. I love the page with the buttons, zippers, and snaps. Little does my 2 year old know that he is learning how to dress himself and he just thinks he is having fun (insert evil laugh here). The pages have different textures for sensory learning. The dog page is not just a picture of a dog…it is a a furry dog with a collar you can buckle and unbuckle. Sensory play is such a huge part of young children’s learning. The Wuka is fantastic! Go check out how great they are here!

wuka book review

wuka book review 2

wuka book review 4

wuka book review 01

wuka book review 5

wuka book review 6

wuka book review 7

wuka book review 9

I received a Wuka to review, all opinions are my own.


The Very best quiet book for your little ones



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