Bug Week wrap up

Bug week was so fun. Camille’s parents have the most awesome magical yard up in the mountains and we headed up there to read in the shade and have a bug scavenger hunt.

bug week

Here are the books we read:

“Up Down and Around” isn’t actually about bugs, it’s about gardens, but there so many different kinds of bugs through out the book. It’s fun to point out each bug and talk about each one and to see bugs in their natural environment.


We had each kid pretend to be a frog eating bugs and then jumping into the water.


This book is great for kids and adults. You will get some good chuckles from this one.




We then had a fun bug scavenger hunt. You can find the free printable HERE.

bug scavenger hunt


We handed each kid a scavenger hunt paper and sent them out to explore.

bug scavenger hunt

They occasionally checked in to show us what bugs they had found.

bug scavenger hunt fun

bug week scavenger hunt

But mostly they loved exploring.scavenger hunt for bugs

This was by far the cutest bug we found all day. 🙂

reading for bug week

We then headed inside for some healthy bug snacks. Ants on a log, grape caterpillars and butterflies made out of carrots and cucumbers.

bug snacks