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Our Blog, My Mommy Style, has been on quite the journey. (Below Drew Manning from


Over the past year, we have experienced really fast growth and made lots of memories.  Some of our bloggers on the site, have come and go.  They have all added a piece of our history – and we have enjoyed working with them.  Each experience we have been through together, has led us to the next – and for that, we are grateful.  We wouldn’t be where we are today, unless everyone had been involved.  We started as a “just for fun” kind of blog, with several girlfriends a few years ago.  We all blogged and tried to find our niche and where to settle.  One by one, people began to drop out – because well – blogging just isn’t for everyone.  Around a year ago, we changed our name from “The Solstice Sisters” to “My Mommy Style”, in hopes that we could share our different “styles” of parenting, dressing, thinking, and being.  We believed that there isn’t just one way to do things, and that every opinion has value.  We worked hard, all in our own way, to build this blog.  And it paid off.  We grew in leaps and bounds over the past year, and believe that we really took our first big step toward the ultimate goal for My Mommy Style.

But, it wasn’t until about a month ago, that it all seemed to fall together.  I was getting ready for a meeting I would be having with ComV.  They had expressed interest  in working with me on a commercial for one of the non-profits I have been focused on.  Of course, I chose “Help Me Grow” because really, if nobody knows how to be connected to resources for help in the community, all of the amazing non-profits and services are a waste.  I had sat down with ComV about four times previous, and had finally brought Barbara, the Help Me Grow Leader in Utah, to sit down with us and begin production.  We had a great meeting, and decided that we should involve a few others and continue down the path.

The first time I met Weston, the founder of ComV – I was impressed.  Well, let’s back up just a bit.  The first time I met him, I pulled up to his “office” only to find myself in front of a house by University of Utah.  I called to make sure I was in the right place, and I was.  They assured me that they weren’t some crazy college creeps, and welcomed me in their home.  The moment I started talking with Weston and his crew, I was completely impressed.  In fact, he reminded me of my husband, Jon, when he was that age.  A natural leader in business, and a man of his word.  Weston had started his company at a very young age, and was currently leading a group of very talented artists in creating his dream team of video production.

Because of how impressed I was with him, and his team – we had been engaged in trying to find ways to work together.  Fast forward to our meeting with Barbara, we had ended our discussions and I was walking out of the room.  I had experienced a strong impression that morning for the future of the blog, and felt that I should bring it up  with them.  I had ignored it…until the last minute of our meeting.

“Hey Weston.” I said


“I was wondering if you’d ever entertain the thought of teaming up to created some amazing videos with my blog?”

So we sat down, and I ran through all of the thoughts I had been thinking.  If fell out of my mouth, almost faster than even I can talk – and that is fast.  Well, the rest is history.  They saw what I saw.  Camille, Melissa and I had decided to start a youtube channel after the “Build Your Blog” Conference a few weeks before – and together, had a laundry list of ideas, which I won’t even begin to share right now.  Just know this.  It is happening, and happening big. We are neck deep in filming, and have more things to share, than time to post them.  So MMS friends, hang on – because together, we are about to take the ride of a lifetime with us.

Here is a quick intro to our yourtube channel:

Remember to subscribe to get our weekly videos that we publish.  If you are a subscriber, you will get special sneak peeks before everyone else! We will have a new video posted every Monday at 2:00 MST.

The next video is of the Aquarium, the first commercial we produced  – together meaning – My Mommy Style Media and ComV


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