Dear Karma


Sometimes, it feels like things happen to us, that we had coming.  Sometimes, we feel like something doesn’t happen to us, that we should have had coming.

Sometimes, we look around and think the same things about others.

As I sat down to write the post this morning about Karma, I looked back through my facebook posts to see what random things I have shared over the past few weeks – and I came across this, and it busted me up once again.  Truth is, life isn’t always fair.  In fact, I don’t know of a time that it has been.  We all go through different struggles, at different times, and learn things differently.  And that is okay.  As we begin our week, I’d like to make a challenge to us all (including myself) to look forward.  Try for just seven days to put your energy where you have the chance to make a difference.  Be exited for others when they succeed and don’t let it be a personal knock to yourself, because maybe you feel like you aren’t at the time.

From the outside, (especially on the internet) we can all look like we have a perfect life.  Social media in all forms, is life edited.  Pinterest is perceived perfectionism pinned. People are picking and choosing what parts to share about their life that will impress people, either with beauty, laughter, love, travel – or whatever.  I am a social person, and I love to share my thoughts.  I love all of these forms of communication, because …. well… I’m a communicator.  The challenge is to keep it in perspective.

Maybe this video will help a bit.

Can you believe that?  I about died when I saw it the first time.  We are comparing ourselves to others – that aren’t even real!  In fact, they are pizza!  Why can’t we just be happy for others, especially as women?  I think it’s because we are so naturally hard on ourselves.  We want to work to be amazing at so many things, and of course we fall short.  Being perfect isn’t human nature.  So let’s take a minute today and write down our strengths and talents.  Let’s focus on supporting others today.  After all, we are more alike than we are different.

Have a beautiful Sunday!


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