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Lighting is the jewelry of a room. It isn’t a necessary upgrade to a home, but it my opinion it can make all of the difference in the world. We moved in to our home about three years ago, and the lighting was great, it was new and it worked. In my husband’s opinion that means there is absolutely no reason to want to change the lighting and it would be a waste of money to do so. We disagree. 🙂 When we built the home we did not add too many upgrades because we wanted to change things and pay for them as we settled into the home rather than adding it to our final mortgage balance upon closing.

For a few years now I have been watching for lighting that would transform our space with just the tiny adjustment of a new light fixture. In fact, I have been asking for a new chandelier in our kitchen for a few years now. If we had an anniversary or Mother’s Day come around and my husband asked me what I would like to celebrate, I would say a new kitchen light. (Insert crazy, are you sure face.) Yes! I was sure. This Mother’s Day I finally got my wish! I have always been in LOVE with West Elm and their light fixtures. They are unique and detailed without being outrageously priced. I approached them to see if they would be willing to partner so that I could share with you their amazing lights and a story I learned along the way.

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One of the lights I loved instantly was this rectangle shaped chandelier made out of Capiz. I had never heard of this material before and wasn’t sure if it was man-made or organic. I found a video that explains where this material actually comes from and was intrigued by its beauty. Turns out it is a shell found in the ocean where salt water and regular water meet found in the Philippines! West Elm has actually created hundreds of jobs by employing people to dive for it, clean it, and turn it into these beautiful light fixtures. Cool. Once I knew this about them I loved them even more.

west elm, capiz chandeliersI went to the store and my husband and I both really loved the ZigZag Capiz Chandelier and felt like it would fit our space best. One thing I didn’t love about the light fixture we had before was that it was so high above the table and always felt off center and out of place. I was shocked by how well this light framed our dining space and made a statement that was hard to ignore. It is a modern twist on a classic dome light and I absolutely love it!

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See how the light is way off in no man’s land. Don’t worry, this light went to good use and is now our “entry way” light that hangs just inside the front door.

before, mymommystyle, kitchen, kitchen lighting, chandelierwest elm, kitchen lighting, kitchen, my mommy style, chandelier, zig zag, grey kitchen tablewest elm, kitchen lighting, kitchen, my mommy style, chandelier, zig zagwest elm, kitchen lighting, kitchen, my mommy style, chandelier, zig zag, couchwest elm, kitchen lighting, kitchen, my mommy style, chandelier, zig zag, flowerswest elm, kitchen lighting, kitchen, my mommy style, chandelier, zig zag, kitchenIt’s okay to be in love with a light right? Believe it or not, I didn’t even have to move the spot that the light was wired in the ceiling (which I was afraid I would have to do.) It has made such a change in our kitchen and I just love it! This light was just $379 and right now you can apply the code “SUNNYDAYS” to get an extra 15% off. Keep in mind that there will be sales through the year that will enable you to get up to 25% percent off if you want to save up or wait for a special holiday sale.

Here are some other lights that I fell in love with but didn’t buy.

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You can find more details on these light HERE and follow along with West Elm on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. If you are a local Utah gal like me you can connect with West Elm Salt Lake City as well through their Facebook, Instagram account. I hope you found something you like, you may know what to ask for on your next big celebration day! 🙂

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