Summer Learning Series: I Can Do it – Science!

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Welcome to the Summer Learning Series: I can do it – Science! If you missed anything on our first topic, HANDS – CLICK HERE to start from the beginning. And if you missed what the FIVE PROTECTIVE FACTORS are and why we use them in our work, CLICK HERE.

One of my biggest goals as a mother, is to help my kids feel confident in their schooling – as soon as possible. Obviously, they will learn they will mess up and have to work hard to keep progressing – but if their self esteem takes a beating, it’s very easy for them to give up. Just like adults, if we feel like we can’t do something – we will work to prove ourselves right. That’s why we wanted “I can do it!” to be a focus on our Summer Learning Series.


Science is a subject that may sound boring at first, but once the kids see how many amazing activities can be done  – they love it! I can’t imagine how many Science Fair projects I’ve helped my kids with. The internet is swimming with possibilities, which makes it easier and exciting to get creative!

One way to  make Science fun, is to do fun projects with your kids and their friends! We all want and need to fit in, or find a friend we feel comfortable with. Sometimes, I’ve found that I need to insert myself a little bit to help my kids create memories and social connections with new friends. We can’t go to school with them, or pick their friends for them – but we can make it fun to hang out with kids we think they will get along well with, by facilitating activities they will talk about for years to come.

I still remember making my first volcano for a Science project, working on my poster board or catching nasty bugs in the forrest for the mandatory collection – and I STILL remember the friends that were with me when I did it. Make Science fun, and watch for great ways to do it this week, here on My Mommy Style!



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