Star Wars Birthday Party

My son has been so excited for his Star Wars birthday party this year! Star Wars seems to be EVERY WHERE right now and my two year can even sing the Darth Vader theme song surprisingly well. We had a lot of fun with this party and I hope it inspires you with some ideas that are uncomplicated and easy to replicate so you can enjoy the day with your little person.

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Being that I am VERY pregnant I wanted to throw a party that was low key and fun. I designed an invitation and texted it to all of the moms…yeah, because I am lazy like that! And you know what? No one cared that it wasn’t delivered in the mail!

Star Wars Invitation blank

I have to preface this story about the party that I was extremely lucky in the fact that our local scout group had a Star Wars themed Blue and Gold party and this back drop was made my very talented neighbor and friend for the party. I was the lucky recipient of this as well as some of the printables I used for the party. We hung this on the outside of our garage and it made the perfect back drop!

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cousins, light saber fight, star Wars party

I made everyone matching “youngling” Jedi costumes and it couldn’t have been any easier. If you can cut you can make this happen. Simply go to your local fabric store and buy broadcloth (use a coupon if you are heading to JoAnne’s you can print one for free here or even pull it up on your phone. Once you’ve measure the amount that you’ll need you simply leave the fabric folded as it comes on the bolt and cut right down each side. To finish it off you will cut a triangle from the top of the fold, find an alternating fabric to tie a belt and you are done. SOOOO so easy and it really got the boys in the mood to train to be a Jedi!

DIY Jedi robes, younglings, star wars costumes, star wars birthday

The light saber’s were saved for when the party was over and they became a REAL Jedi. These bubble light sabers are in the dollar section of Target right now! SCORE.

becoming a jedi, mymommystyle, star wars party, star wars

We had a really large, fun group! There are actually two boys who are missing from this photo. You can also find these masks in the party section of Walmart or Target.

Star Wars Birthday party, Star Wars, star wars back drop, star wars the force awakens

These boys are so cute! Jayne was glad to join in on the excitement.Star Wars Birthday party, Star wars party back drop

Once everyone was dressed and ready to prepare to be a Jedi we fed them pizza, because that is the first step right? Fuel up!


We keep things really classy with Little Caesars and watermelon.

eating pizza, jedi style

I found this wall hanging at the At Home store that just rolled into town. I am decorating the boy’s room in Star Wars theme so it worked out well that I could use them in both places.

storm troopers, my mommy style, star wars birthday party, star wars

When I decorated the boy’s room as well as the party I wanted to find something that was a little different and more artistic. You can find watercolor Star Wars art HERE on Amazon or HERE on Etsy. You can find these official Disney Star Wars toys HERE, I love them because they don’t tip over easily and look remarkably like the actual movie characters.

Star Wars, Star Wars Birthday party, star wars party

I am a big fan of my local Walmart bakery. Seriously. There are some years that I feel I have time for a cake…this year however was not one of them! 🙂

Star Wars cake, my mommy style, star wars birthday, walmart star wars cake

Once eating was over we made time for the boys to play some games outside! We recently had this cement pad put in our backyard and oh my goodness, it has been such a life saver. I am planning to do a “grand reveal” but this may be it!

The boys played basketball, invasion tag (star wars themed), and Jedi training with their light sabers.

Invasion tag, star wars partyplaying games, star wars party

This picture cracks me up because my husband looks like he is taking this game against 8 year olds so seriously. ha ha. Really, he was darling with them!

Paul making serious moves against 8 year oldsstar wars games and party

We came inside, played star wars bingo with free printables like these.

Star Wars Bingo, star wars party

Then we opened presents!! So much fun and we are so lucky to have such generous friends and family.

opening presents, my mommy style, star wars party

Proof I was there!! Look at that belly! I am now 34 weeks and let me just tell you, by the end of the party I was having a hard time standing up! 🙂 Seriously. But it is all worth it right?

blowing out the candle

The party was a success! I sure love this first born of mine. He is so full of curiosity, strength, and kindness. A lot of days we fight general grumpiness with chores, homework, or sibling squabbles. But this little darling still insists on nightly snuggles, sleeping with his teddy bear, rubbing my back and feet when I am sore and tired from pregnancy. He is a social magnet and loves people and making friends. He is a born leader and I cannot wait to see what this little spitfire does with his life!

Star Wars Birthday Party, Star Wars

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