Shape Puppies – a fun way to learn shapes

These shape puppies are a fun craft to make to help learn shapes. They are also fun to make after reading your favorite book about dogs. They are easy to put together and each kid can choose which ever colors they want, so each puppy will look a little different and can have a little personality added to it. My daughter wanted a yellow and purple dog. I would suggest using at least two colors so that the shapes don’t blend together and get lost, but it is totally up to the child. Have fun!

shape dog

Supplies needed to make shape puppies:

-construction paper (at least two colors for the dog and one color for the background)
-glue sticks
-googly eyes


Shapes you will need:

one large rectangle for the body
one octagon for the head
two triangles for the ears
-one small triangle for the nose
-one small oval for the tail
-four small rectangles for the legs
-four small squares for the feet
-one long rectangle for the collar (it’s not in the picture above)
-one circle for the tag on the collar


Cut our shapes and glue them to a different piece of construction paper or card stock to make a dog. Add googly eyes. Color the background, if desired.

shape puppy

Items you will need to make shape puppies:


Construction paper ** pom poms ** googly eyes ** glue sticks

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