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I am so happy to introduce you to Carrian of Oh, Sweet Basil. Meal time can be such an overwhelming task  some most of the time for me and I have tried to take on a more positive attitude of cooking in general so that by the time my husband gets home for dinner I am not a crazy, hot mess. Carrian shared with us how she is able to take on meal time as a beautiful experience of getting the kids together and making memories and meals together. In fact, when I was done talking with her I was  inspired and determined to be a better meal-planner and was certain this must be my next to-do project. I am working on it…and I think her blog will be a great tool of getting there as you can see for yourself!



chicken bacon ranch bombs

Hello, soon to be new friends! I’m Carrian and I am from the blog, Oh, Sweet Basil. We love chatting about “reinventing family dinner” with quick, easy and delicious recipes as well as health and fitness because don’t we all need balance in all things? Good food, and body?! Anyway, I’m married to a darling man whom I just adore and two sweet girls that bring us more joy than even this bacon wrapped recipe which is pretty darn amazing as well.

chicken bacon ranch fried appetizers

We usually try to avoid fried food as much as possible even though we absolutely love anything fried, but sometimes you just have to be a way awesome mom and throw all rules out the door and make something over the top. Yes, it’s definitely a guilty pleasure, but snag a good movie, some yummy food and your family and suddenly it’s totally worth the extra calories.

chicken bacon ranch bombs

Plus, what is it with kids and ranch? I am convinced that if a kid dunks something in ranch they are suddenly sold on it. And many adults I’ve noticed too! In fact, I’d bet a bunch of you are ranch pizza dippers too, aren’t you! Nooooo!! Haha. I cannot do it! My husband and girls love it though! I just don’t get it, but fried dough, chicken and bacon? Yeah, now that’s just meant for ranch. Don’t you think? We just slap a little chicken, cheese and ranch in biscuit dough, wrap it in bacon, fry it up and dig in!


So fun chatting with you all!! Make sure you hop over to Oh, Sweet Basil and say hello! And don’t forget to follow on Instagram- @ohsweetbasil, Facebook, Pinterest, and twitter!

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This is our favorite pizza sauce recipe. It's quick easy, and has a secret #ingredient that puts it over the top.

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teriyaki chicken casserole was a total accident and now total favorite in our house! Love this recipe! ohsweetbasil_edited-1

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