Mommy Movie Reviews: Minions

Are you ready for a few more Mommy Movie Reviews? I know I am! I love heading to the movies with the kiddos – and as I’ve mentioned it before, we love movies in our family and see them pretty soon after they’re released. I’ll share my two cents with you, but I’d love to hear your feedback on what you enjoyed (or not so much) about these movies. It’s always fun to hear my kids and husbands feedback on things I didn’t even notice!

Minions: PG 1 hr 31 min – Action/Adventure, Animated, Comedy


Are you in love with the Minions? My family loves them, so much that I had to talk my husband out of going to see this movie alone, the night before we were going to take our kids! “Jon, remember? We are going tomorrow with the kids… you want to go tonight, too?” In the end, we waited. (One more day)

I loved seeing this “prequel” and discovering what brought the Minions into Gru’s life in the first place. Minions live to serve, but keep finding themselves working for a master that isn’t worthy of their devotion. It’s a good thing that Minions Kevin, Stuart and Bob decided to go searching for the right leader – barely saving them from falling into a deep depression.

The first half of the movie was more engaging than the second, but it kept us all interested until the end. I did find myself checking my phone about three-fourths of the way through, but I get bored pretty easy. Sometimes, animated movies are just too long.

It was much better than the animated films that are basically extended cartoons – and the kids enjoyed it, along with the adults in the audience. Everyone laughed as we tried to understand what  were saying. This was my husband’s complaint, that he wished they said normal words just a little bit more. There are some Spanish and English words mixed in, and you can tell what they are talking about for the most part.

When I asked my kids their favorite part, they all agreed that the first of the movie was the best. We paid for “D Box Rumble Seats” (my husbands call) and I don’t believe it was worth it… at all. They just twitched every once in awhile and it’s a lot more expensive. I saw the Avengers in the D BOX seats, and that was pretty great! It’s not a movie you HAVE to see in the theater – but it was fun and worth seeing!

Mommy Movie Review: 4 Stars. It was a fun flick but not my very favorite ever. I did laugh out loud quite a bit, and that was refreshing!


OH, and I don’t have time to write about it – but don’t bother seeing the new terminator movie… like ever – and MAX was a decent movie. It was quite a bit better than I thought it would be. It actually taught some morals in the story line, which doesn’t happen often anymore. It mostly felt like an extended after school program by Lifetime. I’d probably rate it a 3 STAR.

written by: Janae


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