5 Must Have Items for Baby Staying Overnight

The first time you have your baby staying overnight away from home can be stressful. Whether you are traveling or dropping your baby off for a sleep over with Grandma can be nerve wracking, especially the first time, and ESPECIALLY with the first baby. Here is a list of things that you may want to check off your list when packing your baby’s bag so that you can sleep better that night.
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1. Something Comforting

Whether it is your baby’s favorite blanket, stuffed animal, or a pacifier that your little one cannot live without, make sure to not leave these items at home. Even the smell of your detergent on a familiar blanket or stuffed animal can be comforting to your child. You may even want to let your caretaker know if there is a special routine that you keep to at night. If there is a fun song that makes your baby laugh or if your baby loves to be rocked and snuggled, let your caretaker know.

2. The essentials

Make sure to provide those items that your baby will need every few hours ie: diapers, wipes, diaper cream, milk, and food. It is also nice to provide your sitter/family member with some of those items that you could leave with them at their house if your baby is a frequent visitor. I cannot tell you how many times my “extra stash” of just in case has come in handy at my parent’s house even if the diaper was a size too small! I also think its a good idea to pack some medicine *just in case, you never know when teething or a fever can pop up. take along pack, baby

3. Grub Time necessities

Whether your baby is at the age of solid foods or not remember to pack all of the food items your baby may need while visiting. Will you be bringing along breast milk, formula, solid foods, or snacks? Keep your baby’s schedule and dietary habit in mind when bringing them for a visit. It is also a kind gesture to write it down so that the caretaker will know what is to be considered normal for your baby’s habits and whether or not they should be worried if they didn’t finish a full bottle or they didn’t take to well to smashed peas. avent bottles If you are breastfeeding and this will be your first time away from your baby be sure you try giving your baby pumped milk from a bottle a few weeks before your trip so that your baby is used to eating this way and you find a bottle that your baby likes. utensils, baby You may also want to pack along some bibs or utensils for an older baby as your caretaker may not have these items on hand.

4.  Extra Clothes

Babies are messy. Whether you have a newborn or an exploring toddler it seems that there is always one way or another that they are in need of a change of clothes. There is no need to go overboard on this and pack the whole closet, but more often than not I will pack an extra pair of pajamas and an extra outfit just in case. There is nothing worse than having an explosion of some kind and not having a fresh outfit to put your baby in while you do damage control.

5. A Sweet place to sleep & play

Leaving for the night is the most overwhelming because you know that night time can be tricky. Chances are that the place your baby is staying for the night does not have a long term solution for a baby to sleep over. I have found that using a play yard as a on-the-go crib has worked wonderfully. Learning how to set up and take down the play yard can seem overwhelming at first, so it might be best to help your caretaker set it up for the first time. ultra light play yard, fisher priceUltra-Lite Day & Night Play Yard from Fisher-Price is a triple hitter when it comes to taking care of baby on the go.  It is versatile, so easy to set up, acts as a sleeper, portable changing table, and play yard. I also love that it is much easier to assemble than play yards I have put together in the past and is much easier to carry as it comes with a shoulder strap and is light weight. I am putting something really fun together to show you just how EASY it is to assemble this play yard so you can see for yourself!play yardFisher Price, lite play yard, baby, blocks, mymommystyle I have always used a play yard next to my bed when I first bring a baby home so that I have the luxury of having a changing table and bed right next to me if those first weeks. I love that this baby play yard has an inclined baby sleeper as re-flux can cause so many issues interrupting your baby’s sleep. I have actually tried using a baby bouncer and putting it in the play yard to create a safe inclined sleep for my baby and Fisher Price has created just that with this design. I am really excited to use it with our next baby for that reason! (No, this is not an announcement!) 😉 Even though Jett is now a baby “on the go” he loved having his own place to sit and play for a while. I would love to take this along for a camping trip or to a hotel, it lays flat on the ground so it wouldn’t puncture a tent and it is easy to carry around wherever your adventures may take you. collage, baby play yard, play, baby, sleepover

Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Day & Night Play Yard – Morning Cloud (CJK24) SRP: $139.99| Max. Weight: 25 lbs.|

Available:Purchase at Walmart

Half the weight (approx. 16 lbs.) of other popular play yards for baby with all the same great play yard features for truly portable use

  • Includes everything needed for napping, sleeping, playing and changing on the go
  • Same inclined sleeper as Fisher-Price Rock n’ Play™ Sleeper, sleeper features a supportive seat back, cushioned head support, and three-point restraint that keep baby comfortable, secure and gently inclined
  • When it’s time for changing, use the portable changing clutch; great at home or on the go
  • Remove the sleeper for lots of room for older babies and toddlers to rest, relax and play
  •  Easy to fold design and everything fits into the travel bag for portability
  • Fits any standard-size play yard sheet, and it keeps the play yard firmly on the floor

I hope you found this list helpful! What would you add to this list?

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