Meet Jayne

Because it is photography week I decided to choose one of my favorite little people and share with you some pictures of her that inspire me to one day become a better photographer myself and also to remember so much that has changed in just two short years. Jayne is now babbling new sentences every minute, singing songs with me, and dancing to just about any tune we hear whether it be in the restaurant, the car, or in our kitchen. She loves to “read” books, wear girly clothes, have her hair done, and almost always sticking by my side. She is so happy and brings a joy to my heart that makes it sing when she smiles at me. Let me share a little of our journey of her with you.

(Photo credit to Janae Moss)

This picture was taken the day after Jayne was born and I am lucky enough to have a few talented ladies around me that really do know their stuff when it comes to photography. Janae was sweet enough to come and take this picture for me and I know it is one I will sincerely treasure forever. It brings back the scent of her new baby skin, the relief of a job well done (if I do say so myself), and a joy that only comes with the newness and innocence of a sweet baby.

The two pictures you see above were taken by two different photographers….me and a professional. Can you tell which is which!?! Ha ha. Of course you can. In the top picture I used flowers given to us from Paul’s work and arranged them around Jayne and simply let her rest in the light coming in from the window and took a few pictures. They aren’t perfect, but I love the memory they bring of ME taking them.

The picture below that was taken by a professional, Vivien Wade Van Leeuwen and she did a beautiful job of capturing Jayne in her newborn beauty in such a soft, beautiful way. This is something that I would love to learn how to do. It was nice to have her take the photos because I could be taken in them as well.

Again, Janae caught a precious moment of tears, a mother, and some really cute, chubby legs. THANK YOU THANK YOU, for capturing those legs.


I can’t forget the time that Cassia came to my home and took these amazing pictures for Jayne’s one year old birthday. She took so many pictures that day that I will treasure forever and was so creative in the layout of the pictures. Seriously talented lady, thank you. The picture right above and below were taken by Janae again and the thing that I love most about them is that it was taken in my home on my bed where I snuggle my babies daily.

So whether you are taking the photos yourself or with a professional or friend, TAKE THEM. They are the best art work in my opinion and can add so much personality to a home. I am hoping that through this blog you can see my journey as I attempt to be a better photographer applying the tips Cassia teaches us!


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