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Did you know you can send a photograph as a postcard? Well, you can. We just celebrated my daughter’s first birthday and I wanted to send out thank you cards for her gifts, but since she is so little I thought a picture would be cute since she can’t say the words yet. I took her to the park one day and snapped a few pictures of her holding a balloon, added some text to the photo and came up with this:

You can actually write directly on the back of a photo and put a stamp on it, but to make each photo a little sturdier I bought these shipping labels. The labels don’t fit perfectly on the back of 4×6 photos, they are too fat and a little short, but all you’ll have to do is a little trimming once they are placed on the back of the photo. It doesn’t bug me at all that they don’t fit, but if it bugs you I suggest you buy the packing labels that are a full sheet so you can make it the exact measurements of your photo. The thing I loved about these is that each sheet was already split in two so it made the rest of the prep way easier. So it is up to you.

All you will need is your pictures, the shipping labels, a permanent marker, and a ruler.

First start by turning one sheet of the shipping labels over, using your ruler draw a line down the middle and then cut it out.

Since the printing labels already come split in two that is all the cutting you will have to do. So easy.

Add the label to the back of your photo. I suggest doing this on a hard surface, I just held it up because it was hard to get a picture. 🙂

Trim off the part of the label that doesn’t fit.

Turn your picture over and add a line down the middle and lines for the address.


Add your message, an address, and a stamp and you are set!

I asked a few of the people I sent these to how they looked when they arrived and everyone said they were still in good condition. My sister-in-law said the balloon on her picture was a little smeared, but it still looked cute.

So there you go! Go send a cute, personalized note to a loved one that is super easy to make!

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