The love we give away…is the only love we keep~ Sisterhood: Part I

The love we give away…is the only love we keep~ Sisterhood: Part I

Love only grows by sharing…

I woke up this morning, with such a feeling of reverence.
It’s blustery outside…fall is here, with winter
nipping at her heals.
Despite the cold in the air, my heart is warm.
Music is playing faintly in the background, and my favorite scented candle is lit.
A fire is stoked and the cabin is cozy.

Sitting here at the computer the rain has begun to fall, I notice that there are a few white flecks amongst the wet…we will have snow, before the day is out.

I was reviewing some posts on FB, and noticed that my sister had carried off her Halloween party to perfection.
She is definitely carrying on in our
Mother’s tradition.

Mom, lived to throw a party, and when there was not a
holiday around the corner to celebrate…well she simply created one.
She was happiest when making

This led me down the lane of thoughts cherished.
I am in awe of the relationships that women share, whether family or friend.

How we mange to always find the time to be there for each other no matter what is on our plate and needing attention.

I ran into a close friend from my younger years last week while babysitting some of my grand babies. It was a beautiful day and they were out in the yard chasing each other around.

I was perched on a step off the front porch. I noticed this adventurous woman, out on a scooter, pass by, and then stop and turn around. I had been thinking of someone else, when she happened by and called out the wrong name.
Anyway, long story short, here is my best friend that I grew up with, climbed the apple trees with,
had sleepovers every single weekend together,
thought I would grow up and marry one of her handsome brothers…ya, you know the scene

It was like we had not lost 50 plus years. We picked up immediately and shared what you can in 30 minutes, with promises to call, or find the time to really sit down together, some day soon.

If we do or don’t it will be okay, because we have this unspoken bond that will always keep our hearts close.

Caused me to reflect on the relationships I have with so many kindred spirits, the ones that have been there in the glory days…and the ones who stood silently by, when my heart was broken…knowing there was nothing they could do to reverse the grief, but they would be there to help put me back together.

Made me realize that those of us, who are blessed in friendships, chosen or born into, are fortunate…and if you aren’t…well choose to be.

Go and find someone to bless in your goodness.
Don’t wait for that person, standing alone, to approach you..make the first gesture yourself.

Smile, it is the universal language, that breaks all barriers down.

What I want to leave with you, before we get together again, is that it’s so important to make an investment of relationships.
It’s the ONLY thing we can take with us when we leave this earthly life. Won’t matter a tiddler’s tink how much money you have in the bank, what schools your kids went to,
of how big your home is.

A society grows great when “old men, or women” plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in.
Invest in yourself, by sharing your goodness.

The love we give away…is the only love we keep~

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