Alicia “Chic on a Shoe String” Guest Post and Video

It’s another beautiful Monday, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate it than to share some thoughts from our friend Alicia! She is talented and a great inspiration to us here are My Mommy Style! (Right Camille?) We just loved getting to know her better, and we know  you will too!


For me the decision to be a wardrobe stylist was a career decision, not just a hobby. I got a bachelor’s degree in Clothing and Textiles from BYU, had an internship at one of the big design houses in New York, and was on the fast track to working with one of the large fashion publications.

At first it was all about the latest in fashion for me, but as I became a mother that all changed. I was no longer obsessively concerned with the trends (of course I’m up-to-date on the latest in the fashion industry) but helping my clients to feel good about themselves and I using my knowledge and experience in clothing as my main tool. When I work with clients, it very often takes me to their closet where we get down to real honesty of how women feel about their bodies, and I have to say, as a professional stylist working one-on-one with women for 15 years, “Women are way too hard on themselves!”

I ask them what their three body assets are and most women tell me what they don’t like about their bodies and I change that around to the positive things I see in their bodies and how to dress to flatter those aspects of their bodies. When women start to look at themselves in a positive light it truly changes everything.

One of my latest projects is Instead of reasons to beat themselves up, women get to read stories of other women who are celebrating their life and their shape and changing the world one opinion at a time. This is a great resource when you hear the negative talk in your head, these profiles help you to turn that around to positive self-talk and the world needs that, our own daughters need that, and we as mothers need to set a good example of body love because they are modeling our behavior, whether it’s positive or negative.


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