7 ways to use video to improve your life


7 ways to use video to improve your life

Have you ever stopped to think how incredible it is that you have a video camera within arm’s reach right now? You may have the capability to capture video with the very device you are using to read this article! Advances in video technology have made video so accessible and easy to use. So it’s time you started using that video camera in your hand to do something awesome. Check out these fantastic suggestions:

1. Start a family Youtube channel.

Set up your very own channel and invite your siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, and nephews to all contribute to the channel. You can literally create your own family t.v. station. Family members can post videos of recent events, share updates, or tell stories on camera. You can even get creative with family contests or topic prompts. This is a great way to create entertainment, to stay in touch with the whole family, and to have something entertaining to watch!


2. Sell or rent something online.

Many marketplace websites now allow you to post video when you post a listing online. If you are hoping to sell or rent your home, a video walk through will definitely increase interest in the property. If you are selling other items, you can capture videos that show features or allow you to explain why a prospective buyer should consider your offer. These videos need to be brief snippets, so make the most of them.


3. Use video for work.

If you get sick on the day of an important meeting, you may be able to join the meeting via video conferencing. Video may also make it possible for you to work the same job you work now from home if your circumstances change. You can even film videos to create more effective training materials for your employees. According to this article, one in four people reported using video conferencing every day in relation to work. Many employers are now using video over the web to interview potential job candidates. If you are looking to hire someone, consider utilizing video to interview candidates to weed out applicants before scheduling onsite interviews.


4. Preserve family memories.

Now that you have a video camera in the palm of your hand, it’s easy to capture family interviews and stories. Interview your grandparents or other family members and preserve their stories as videos. Not only will you get to hear some interesting stories, but you can easily share them with the entire extended family. And making family memories is not just for the older generation. You can use video to capture all family members. For example, what if you filmed each family member once a year and asked the same three questions? After 10 years of filming, you would have a very interesting video showing how much each family member has changed!


5. Make a music video.

Do you have a favorite song right now? Get out and film some footage to set to the music! Make up your own dance moves. Get your kids involved. Film your pets doing tricks. Or capture snippets of a vacation and then set those snippets to an upbeat song. All you need is your phone or tablet, an app that lets you edit and add music, great footage, and an awesome song.


6. Use video to jog your memory.

Maybe you’ve asked grandma to teach you how to make her famous homemade bread, but she doesn’t use a recipe and you’re afraid you won’t remember everything. Grab your phone and take a video of grandma completing each step. This process is like making tutorials just for yourself. If you really want to remember how to do something someone else is teaching you, all you have to do is video the process.


7. Send video greetings.

Sure you can still shop around for the perfect greeting card for any special occasion, but why not make a personalized video instead? For a birthday, you could send a short video of your own rendition of the birthday song sung while playing homemade instruments. For an anniversary, you can count down the reasons you are glad they are together. For a sympathy message, you could share a heartfelt message and tell your favorite memories of the person. Whatever the occasion, and whatever you want to say, use video to make it more memorable, more personal, and more cost effective!

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