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Good Morning!
I’m Andrea of Kutz. Paper. Scissors and I am so happy to share a little about me and KPS today on My Mommy Style!
Let’s see, where to start…  I’m married to my high school sweetheart and have a sweet, clever, mischievous little miracle named Adam.  Adam was born 2 months premature and both him and I had a slew of health complications.  He was in the NICU for a little over a month and when we brought him home, he was transported in a car bed instead of a car seat and had wires coming off him in every direction!  Our little guy, who weighted 4 lbs when we brought him home, came not only with normal infant stuff, but with an apnea and bradicardio monitor.  The lack of sleep was insane, his apnea monitor would alarm whenever he would stop breathing, which could happen anywhere up to 22-24 a night!  Between the monitor, nursing, medication that was given every 4 hours no matter what, and normal infant stuff, both my husband and I were exhausted to the extreme.  Adam was in and out of the PICU at various hospitals with an endless stream of specialists for the first 2 years… which means that I was in and out of PICU’s for the first 2 years while my husband worked to keep us afloat.  It’s a time that I look back on now with fuzziness, a time that almost always brings a knot to my stomach and makes my nose sting but we got through it and have this amazing life.
When I started KPS, it was much more a papercrafting “business”, if you could even call it a “business”!  I was an “Ambassador” for QuicKutz and on different design teams for papercrafting companies.  I taught papercrafting classes all over in So.CA and really enjoyed myself, but didn’t make much money and we definitely couldn’t count on my income.  Then last year, I slipped a disc in my lower back and was down (literally) for months while Adam’s health took another turn and we were stuck in a downward spiral of medical bills and prescription costs – we were spending between $800-$900 out of pocket a month on prescriptions alone and my husband and I had to sit down and decide our next steps – we couldn’t keep up with the medical bills and the rx costs and it came down to either me going back to work (I was a teacher before Adam) or I had to figure out a way to make more money with my business so I could stay with Adam.
I took a good look at my “business”, what sold and what didn’t and I changed the direction of KPS from papercrafts and supplies to Home Decor.  I also came in contact with a wonderful woman who ran a handmade daily deal site and became a vendor with her site selling pillow covers in Chevron.  She was great, she offered advice and support and I started gaining confidence with the decisions that I was making.  It hasn’t been quite a year since I revamped KPS, but it’s doing do much better and I honestly believe that a lot of my success comes from all of the wonderful woman that I’ve met in the handmade industry giving me support, advice, information and more!  I seem to have found a little niche with Chevron and I’ve branched out from pillow covers to include runners, purses, clutches, poufs,  ipad covers and more!  I’m still learning, still trying to find what works and what doesn’t (there’s been plenty of times that I’ve LOVED a fabric pattern only to have my product made from it sit there, sad and forlorn), trying how to figure out how to be a mommy, wife and run my business.  There are weeks when I feel inspired, when my business is nothing but fun  and I want to sew, make new patterns, purchase fun fabrics all day long but there are also days when I feel the Mommy guilt of ignoring my child to answer work emails or add new products to my shop.  Days when I can’t look at a sewing machine without wanting to bash it in, days where all I want to do is take Adam to the park and read a book while he plays on the jungle gyms or look at pinterest for hours while he naps.  I’m still trying to find a balance, trying to figure out how to get those 10 loads of laundry washed, sew 10 new samples, give Adam attention, be creative and shower before my husband gets home – it’s hard, but I’m trying like most other Mom’s out there.
So, that’s me, kind of.  Phew!  Too much info?  Please visit my shop, www.kutzpaperscissors.etsy.com to see my products or you can visit my blog at www.andreayokley-jessup.blogspot.com where I TRY to post regularly (but often fail) –
Thanks for taking the time to get to know me, and thanks My Mommy Style for having me!
Andrea has decided to give away a pair of matching pillow covers from my shop as well as a spring table runner!
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