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This blog post is sponsored by VTech and The Motherhood. All opinions below are my own.

Having a new baby has come with unique challenges because although I am not a “new” mother so to speak, I am a new mother to four and that comes with its own new bag of tricks. Our baby was born June 1st, just two days before the older siblings were released for their summer vacation. I will admit that this timing has been convenient in the fact that I am not required to be somewhere every single second, but it has also made it a little challenging as I am required to entertain/feed four children every hour of the day.

We’ve had a lot of exciting changes this year besides having a baby. We’ve put a half court basketball pad in our back yard and finished our basement. It has been so nice to spread out a little bit more as our family has gotten bigger, but it has also made it a little trickier to keep my eye on everyone.

One of the best parts of having a finished basement has been  having our new toy room for the kids. It has cut down on my cleaning time a great deal as I have organized a lot of the toys and they are now in a special closet instead of distributed all through out the house. The kids have been spending a lot more time in the basement watching TV as well and as we live in a 3 story house it makes it seem so much quieter.

I enjoy nursing my babies, but with having more children it is getting harder to do and still keep an eye on the other children. Being able to spread out is really nice but it has been a challenge because I can’t be in all places at once. I worry about my toddler getting out unattended or being unable to communicate with the other kids. I was constantly finding myself yelling “dinner’s ready” or “get in the car” or “Where are you!?” and wishing that we had installed an intercom system because I hate having to yell.

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That is why I was so excited to try the new VTech Safe&Sound® DM271-110 DECT 6.0 Digital Audio Baby Monitor with Open/Closed & Motion Sensors. It offered so many solutions to my problems because it literally gives me eyes in the back of my head. I can speak with my children through the monitor on both ends and it even lets me know if my kids are getting in/out of a door when they shouldn’t be.

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This monitor is small and discreet, offers night time light projection, and two way communication. It is not a video feed, but rather more of a portable intercom system you could place anywhere in your house. What is funny is I have ended up using it quite a few times with my husband when I am already up in our bedroom and he is watching a show downstairs. I’ve asked him when he plans to come to bed, if he wouldn’t mind bringing me a glass of water, or a tender plea to please find my phone on his way upstairs because I have lost it again. He was a little freaked out when I first started talking to him through the monitor because he didn’t know it could do that!

This monitor comes with a motion sensor and open/closed door or window sensor that you can put anywhere in your home. For us, I decided that I wanted to use the open/close monitor for the front door as a security measure for keeping unwanted visitors out and keeping small children in.

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This gives me so much peace of mind because on one occasion recently my two year old followed our dog out the door and left without us noticing. He was only gone for 3-5 minutes but managed to get half way up the street. I do have locks installed up high that are out of reach on these doors but sometimes the older kids leave them unlocked without thinking about it.

One of the best features has been utilizing the motion sensor outside my children’s bedrooms. If my husband and I are downstairs after the children have been put to bed it lets us know if our kids are getting out of their rooms when they should be sleeping! It works as a great warning because now we know if they are playing around when they should be in bed. It also lets us know that they may need something, like 15 more glasses of water… 🙂

monitor, vtech, motion sensor

There are so many features available and I love that this monitor can give parents peace of mind for babies that are now on the move or have entered the “big kid” zone.


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I am so glad to have this monitor just as school is beginning so I can have a better handle on things going on in my house! I hope your school beginnings are going well too.

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