How to cook London broil – 10 great recipes

Have you ever wondered how to cook London broil? Did you know that London broil is actually not a cut of beef, but a cooking method? I had no idea. Tough pieces of meat, usually flank or top round steak are left marinated overnight and broiled under high heat. Finally, the broiled steak is served by thinly slicing across the grain.

Here’s another tidbit of trivia. No one knows where the “London” comes from since this is an American dish. Who knew? But it is such a popular dish that many butchers will use the term “London broil” for flank steak.

Here are some great recipes and marinades for London broil. Click on the link above each photo to find out the directions for each recipe. Give some love to the amazing cooks and bloggers behind each recipe by clicking on the link for your favorite recipe and leaving a comment letting them know.

how to cook london broil

How to cook london broil – 10 delicious recipes

The best London broil marinade from Sweet Little Bluebird



Sheet pan London broil from Carrie’s Home Cooking



Marinated and grilled London broil from Hip 2 Save

how to cook london broil



London broil with chimichurri from Strack and Van Til



Crock pot London broil on potato wedges from Dad With a Pan

how to cook london broil



Grilled London broil with corn salsa from Nutmeg Nanny

how to cook london broil



London broil with herb butter from Pass The Sushi



London broil with roasted Brussels sprouts from Steak Bytes



London broil from Paula Dean



London broil in the pressure cooker from Home Pressure Cooking


These all look so good! Which one do you want to try first?


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