Gifts Ideas for Husbands

Are you having trouble finding the perfect gift for the man in your life? You are not the only one. Men can be hard to shop for. Here is a broad range of gift ideas for all types of men, yours included.

Useful Gifts for Husband

Most men are genuinely pleased by a gift that has some type of utility to it. These carefully selected gift ideas for husbands each serve some sort of useful purpose.

If he is constantly losing track of his watch, wallet, keys, etc. what he really needs is a way to keep them all organized. This Wood Phone Docking Station is a great solution. A perfect fit for his man cave, but classy enough to go in his den, if he prefers that term. This can help keep his phone charged while giving him places for keys, watches, tablets, change, etc. 

While not every man is a grill master, most of them love to grill at the very least. This 27pcs Heavy Duty BBQ Tools Gift Set is perfect; it has everything he could ever need. 

Speaking of grilling, shish kabobs are a delicious method of using the grill. But they are also painstaking. Enter the Large Kabob Grilling Basket Set of 4. From long “baskets” for holding all the food items in a line, to removable handles, to locking closures, these have everything. Shish kabobs will taste every bit as good but take a fraction of the time.

If your husband is the handyman type, he knows the woes of carrying around multiple tools to do a job. He’ll be constantly putting them down, picking them up, and trying to remember where he put them. Or even worse, having them constantly trying to pull his pants down. That’s where this 5-Pocket Single Side Tool Belt Pouch comes into play. Roomy and tough, this will make his projects that much easier.

Stocking Stuffers for Husband

Stocking stuffers can be rough for a husband. You can’t just fill it up with cheap toys or candy, like with the kids. But there are still plenty of gift ideas for husbands that will fit neatly into a stocking.

If you’ve ever listened to him gripe while working on something, (or even built something yourself,) you will know that dropping fasteners is one of the most frustrating things about any project. Especially if a ladder is involved. But that problem goes away with the Tool Belt with 15 Strong Magnets. He can wear this around his wrist and keep all his fasteners magnetically attached to himself. No more dropped parts. 

And speaking of dropped parts, getting them back is a real drag. But this Telescoping Magnetic Pickup Tool makes it less so. Instead of having to climb down, squat down, and grab the nut that was dropped, he can just extend this tool and problem solved. Also, it’s a flashlight for finding those dropped items.

He may not actually know what this next item does, but once he finds out, he’s going to want one. Luckily, you’ve already bought it for him. This Contour Gauge allows him to custom-cut pieces of wood to fit into basically any contour or edge.

And speaking of tools with multiple uses, the Universal Socket solves a big problem. That of never being able to find the right-size socket when needed. The spring-loaded pins on the universal socket allow it to fit all sorts of nuts and bolts.

Although it’s not likely to replace a toolkit any time soon, don’t discredit the Credit Card Multitool. Easy to carry in a wallet, this tool puts a wealth of options at his fingertips when other tools might not be available. And you never really know when you’re going to be needing a tool.

Romantic Gifts for Husband

This may be a shock, but a lot of guys aren’t great at talking about things related to their feelings. So the gift ideas in this category will help him break into this area of conversation, and your entire relationship might just deepen as a result.

This one is a lot of fun. Basically, you have a book full of date ideas. What makes it fun is that they are all scratch-off. So, you have no inkling of what you’re going to be doing until you scratch it off. It does give some hints, whether you’ll be staying in or going out, etc. But once you pick one and scratch it off, you must do it. Get the Fun & Adventurous Date Night Box to add a little excitement to date night. 

This one is pretty nice, too. 88 Great Conversation Starters for Husbands and Wives is a Christian game for couples. It includes 44 double-sided questions to get the two of you talking. The prompts are designed to start up conversations between you. 

Here is another one just to help move things along. Dinner and a movie? Great. Deciding what to eat and what movie to see? Not so great. The Dinner and A Movie Decider Dice will decide for you. One die has six different dinner choices, and the other has six movie genres. There are thirty-six possible combinations, so you shouldn’t have to worry about doing the same old thing, ever. 

This is an adorable picture frame, perfect for an adorable picture of the two of you. Accented with a string-art heart, the Lucky To Be In Love – 4×6 Inches Photo Frame is the perfect spot for your favorite picture.

Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most. Like still having coffee together every morning. This engraved Still Having Coffee Together Spoon is a good reminder of just that. 

Food Gifts for Men

Is your husband occasionally… difficult to please? Is he good at acting like he likes something, but you know it isn’t what he really wanted? This section is full of gifts for picky husbands. You can’t go wrong with food, after all.

If he likes those cheese and sausage boards that you see at the supermarket around Christmastime, well, this is one of those, but better. Dan the Sausageman’s Denali Gourmet Gift Basket has premium samplings of all the things you expect from a good sausage tray. And all of it is shelf-stable and ready to eat. Plus none of those awful strawberry candies.

This basket is simple, but in a good way. It’s just meat sticks and cheese sticks. There is a good variety, and it comes with 23 meat and 3 cheese sticks. The Jerky Gift Basket is great for grabbing a snack and going.

Grilling is great fun and can be quite relaxing. But it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Does he just coat everything in salt, pepper, and garlic powder? Sure, it’s good, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing else out there. Up his grilling game with the varied and interesting spices in this Smokehouse by Thoughtfully Ultimate Grilling Spice Set

This is another snack basket. Pretty simple, no-frills. The good thing about it is that it will appeal to guys who just want something simple, without extra fluff. If that’s true for your husband, the It’s a Guy Thing Gift Basket is right up his alley. 

If you have someone who loves to cook the best gift I have ever given my husband was a Traeger smoker. My husband has shared many recipes on this blog and I cannot tell you how awesome it has been to be the beneficiary of his smoking obsession! His smoked turkey and Brisket are well known in our neighborhood.

personalized gifts for him, gifts he'll love

If you have a husband who loves to organize and make the kitchen beautiful look no further than Room and Board who has exclusive home decor items perfect for gifting! I have loved the look of Cambria Quarts for years and love that you can bring a clean, modern look into a room, office, or kitchen.

They also offer a number of tabletop and decor items, including the Halsted Coasters, the Loring Lazy Susan, the Hubbard Bookends, and the Halsted small and large serving boards with metal handles, available in Cambria’s premier quartz that is stylish, long-lasting, and low-maintenance.

I am also loving this Bonsami Ziplock Bag Organizer. Its the simple things that can make things feel so nice in the kitchen!

Unique Gifts for Husband

Some guys just want something interesting. Something unique that he can show off to his buddies. And maybe brag about how cool his wife is for finding it.

How cool would it be to go to space? Pretty cool. Also, probably not possible. But the next best thing is owning an actual piece of space. That’s where the Piece of Space/Real Shooting Star/Iron Meteorite comes into play. Recovered from the Campo del Cielo collision site in Argentina, it includes a certificate of authenticity.

If you’re wanting to give your husband a special place to relax look no further than the Moon Pod. It s a zero gravity beanbag chair that relieves stress and anxiety, mimicking the sensations of flotation therapy, it is like HEAVEN and I don’t say that lightly.

I use it for studying, reading, taking informal work calls, and relaxing. The best part is that you can take it anywhere as it is so light weight and it conforms to any body size with its individual pieces for your body, shoulders and feet. Basically it is the bean bag we always wanted as kids, but you can take it anywhere in the house and it still looks sleek. Well, as sleek as a bean bag could ever look. Check out all the different colors and sizes to find one that matches your home decor best.

This next one hits the trifecta: Attractive, unique, and useful. The Celtic Pocket Knife is sure to catch his friends’ attention. 

This one might be more of a present for you, depending on who the “clean one” is in your relationship. The Dip Clip clips to the car and holds dipping sauces to make eating while driving much easier, and less messy. 

Gift Ideas for Husbands

And there you have it. These gift ideas for husbands who have everything have so many good, interesting ideas listed that there is sure to be something there for your husband. And he is sure to love it. After all, it came from you.

Looking for more ideas? Check this out:

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