Finding A Great Babysitter…

A few suggestions on how to find a great babysitter:

I have been thinking about this topic a lot lately.  How to find a great babysitter?  Honestly I know the hubs and I need to get out more, but I don’t want to always ask family to watch our little guy.  So I thought there are probably others parents out there asking the same question or have some great answers to this question.  Here are just a few things I personally suggest, and suggestions from a few of my friends.

1.  Family (family is a great babysitter because you know them and trust them, but I personally start to feel guilty like I’m “using” them.)

2.  I personally feel fortunate to where I know girls who I taught back in the day, that are now at prime babysitting age.

3.  Ask a friend and get referrals.  Question… Should you treat finding a babysitter like an interview??  Should you meet their parents?
– I remember walking home from school and having mothers run out to ask me if I baby sat, true story!

4.  A couple of people have told me is a good website to search your local area for babysitters.

5.  My friend Heather told me she’s part of a babysitting co-op.  “It’s a group of moms who put in free babysitting hours for one another. We “pay” for babysitting by watching other peoples kids in the co-op. it. Is. FANTASTIC!! I love it because I know my kids are safe with another mom, my kids have other kids to play with when I drop them off, I can use the co-op for guilt-free things like painting a dresser or taking a nap, and best of all, I don’t have to pay a babysitter. That can get expensive with four kids. If you have more questions about it, let me know. It is seriously a lifesaver and a money saver!”  BRILLIANT!!

6.  What info do you leave with your babysitter?
– cell numbers
– where you are going and the number to that place
– parent’s numbers
– doctors number
– allergies
– to do list (eat dinner, play, brush teeth, stories, bedtime, etc.)
– when they can expect you home

I would love to her your thoughts and advice!  Thanks for reading!

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