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A tablet that is strong enough to withstand toddlers and conveniently sized to fit in your purse is here. This magical unicorn is otherwise known as the  Aspire Switch 10 from Acer. I received this product in exchange for this review and all opinions are my own. I am so excited to let you know that one lucky reader will also be receiving this amazing tablet/laptop so read on because I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

As a mom I am constantly trying to achieve the perfect balance of multi-tasking and when I say perfect balance I say this with sarcasm because a “perfect” balance is impossible. There are days that I achieve a lot and there are many other days that I give myself a mental high five for getting through the day with my children fed and in their beds by an appropriate hour. Life is busy and there are certain things I have found to help me achieve a better balance, but one that is certainly not perfect.

Technology is ever present and one that can be viewed as a blessing or a curse when it comes to parenting. I don’t know how my parents ever traveled without a laptop/cell phone/movie to help distract us kids when we went long distances in the car or even just going to the restaurant as a hurried attempt to save everyone’s  sanity before the food arrived. With that said, we definitely need to monitor the technology so that no one becomes obsessed with the screen. My two year old is already convinced that my phone belongs to him. I digress…

Aspire switch giveaway ;

I am loving the Aspire Switch 10 because it really allows for multiple uses that’s great for work or pleasure. Here are my favorite features:


You can use the Aspire in notebook, pad, display or tent mode. Which means I can use the device in the kitchen propped up while viewing a recipe, as a laptop when writing a post, as a tablet when surfing the internet, or in tent mode when watching a show on Netflix.



Windows 10 

With windows 10 you can personalize your tablet space to feature apps on your homepage that you use on a daily basis. Use your homepage space to manage apps and websites you use everyday for entertainment, reading, or gaming.

You can also organize your photos and music through Acer’s BYOC apps where you can take pictures with your smartphone or tablet or even listen to music saved on your desktop PC anywhere you go.

Scribble it down


I love being able to write notes and literally scribble my thoughts on the screen. With Windows 10 you can make your tablet feel so much more personal as if you are writing notes to yourself on a book.

One of the things I love most about this laptop is that it does have a touch screen that can personalize anything I am reading using bookmarks, notes, and the ability to be able to share these notes easily with others. I was amazed by the fluidity of  going from tablet to laptop as the screen promptly adapts itself to adapt to the mode you are using. Inspiration can strike at any moment and so the ability to jot down some notes for a post or an idea for a lesson makes this capability so impressive.

Gorilla glass

Gorilla glass is 3x’s stronger with Native Damage Resistance. This makes your glass harder to scratch and less likely to see scratches if they occur. My kids pretty much own my tablets the minute I get them, so this gives me some peace of mind as I know they will be a little rough.

It can fit in my purse

Whether I need my Aspire Switch for a meeting or a long car ride it is easily portable and durable for running out the door. It’s 10.1″ screen is the perfect size and comes with an impressive 32 GB of space. Screen display is crisp and beautiful, I haven’t taken any pictures with it yet, but it displays images beautifully.

The Switch is an amazing tablet/laptop that an entire family can enjoy, but for now I haven’t shared my password.

With school right around the corner we want to do a little something special for you! So we partnered with Acer to give one lucky winner the chance to win the Aspire Switch for themselves! Wahoo!

Would you like a chance to win one for yourself? Enter the rafflecopter below. It may take a moment to load so please be patient. Must be 18 years or older to win, US residents only. Giveaway ends August 10th 12:00 am MST.

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