Encouraging Outdoor Play

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outdoor play, imagination, play time, legos, lord of the rings I’ll admit it, I bought a Nintendo 3DS for my son’s 7th birthday and I felt guilty about it. Why? Because I was worried that he wouldn’t have as much outdoor play time and in my youth I spent so much time outside and LOVED it. I grew up in a space surrounded by trees where rocks were our currency and trees our best friends and hiding places. I know that it is this day and age with so many electronic distractions that it is easy to let outdoor play be forgotten or as it may seem take too much effort. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have deeply appreciated the convenience of an ipad when getting through a long car ride or an educational app and am so thankful for them. But I also realize that I have to make an effort to make outdoor play natural for my children, especially outdoor MESSY play. Kids are meant to get messy and to feel the earth in their fingernails and their toes. I wanted to share with you some ways that we enjoy the great outdoors in our family and the ways we make it part of our daily lives.

1. Bring their passion for stories and characters to life.

I am a bonafide nerd. totally. in every way. I love Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and science fiction. Because a lot of the things I like are too hard for my son to read, I will read these stories with him and relive their stories with him. I also will let him play the LEGO versions of these stories because they are kid friendly and splashed with a sense of humor. When I suggested we play outside today I asked my son whom he would like to play. Would he prefer to be a hobbit in middle earth? Harry Potter in search of a stone? Or Peter Pan lost in the woods? Let them decide which characters they would like to feed their imagination with and let the magic come to life. outside play, legos, my dirtiest play, mymommystyle, maytag 2. Go on a Hike

Another activity we love is hiking. Often we will find a new discovery that will make my children’s day whether it be a beautiful new rock, waterfall, flower, or tree. I always try to bring some healthy snacks along that we eat at the half way point which seems to keep them excited! If you are looking for more tips on hiking with kids, read this post.

3. Let it Rain Water is ALWAYS the answer on hot Summer days. We love to play “London Bridges” with the hose, play on the slip and slide, or use dish soap on the trampoline to make it extra slippery and fun. Water guns, water balloon volley ball, and splash in the trash are some of our favorite games to play as a family. adventurous play, adventure, dirtiest play 4. Hunt 

Whether your child is into bugs, rocks, trees, animals, or people you can find something to search for that makes a regular walk turn into something truly magical. Put together a scavenger hunt to spice things up, you can use our bug scavenger hunt found here and 25 other bug activities. my mommy style,  my dirtiest play, imagination, play time 5. Watch a movie that inspires

Short on ideas? Watch a film that may spark some adventure in your little ones and then have them go outside and act it out. Think Peter Pan, Jungle Book, Treasure Island, Pirates of the Caribbean, Bugs Life, Ants, Charlotte’s Webb, or Curious George. Children’s minds are so beautifully creative that sometimes it just takes a little spark to inspire hours of fun. messy play, my mommy style, legos 6. Go outside with them

Yes. You. I know, I know, sometimes we just want to let them explore on their own, which I totally support. But in the beginning they may need you to help them along a little bit and truth be told that is really the best gift we can give our little ones is our time lost in a world of their making. My dirtiest play, maytag, my mommystyle, legos 7. Get Sporty

A game of soccer, baseball, basketball, Racquetball or Frisbee can be an instant way to release natural endorphin and create happiness and a bond between you and your children. It is also a very healthy way for children to work through emotions of winning, losing, or just blowing off steam. My husband said he spent hours out on his basketball court as a teen blowing off steam…we are now installing a basketball half court in our back yard because of how much it helped him! Ha!

8. Just get out there

Sometimes all it takes is getting out the door and NOT entertaining them. Let them get bored and figure it out! Unfortunately we are a little more limited when it is cold outside, but the important thing is that you get outside and get messy!

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I would love to see your submissions, tag me on Instagram or Twitter @mymommystyle so I can see you and your family having some fun “filfthy play!” Side note: After smearing mud all over himself and playing “Lord of the Rings” my son was dying to do it all over again, even writing this post made him realize how fun it is do get dirty! camille walker, mymommystyle.com

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