Healthy, Easy Snacks for Kids!

For our Summer Learning Series this week we are talking about healthy bodies and  I am so excited to have Paula guest post sharing with us some healthy snack ideas for kids! With school just starting I love this list as an easy go to for snacks after school or when you are on the run to a practice or lesson!

Hi My Mommy Style readers! I’m Paula with The Housewives of Riverton and I’m super excited to share with you how I help my kids snack healthy without making myself crazy having to make new things for them every time they have a hunger pang. All parents are busy, so anything that helps my day be a little less crazy is good in my book!

Healthy Easy Snack Boxes | Housewives of Riverton for

One of the main things I do is have lots of cold water on hand. I’m sure most of you know that lots of times people mistake being thirsty for being hungry. During the summer kids are running around like crazy and the weather is hot, so making sure they are staying well hydrated is a great way to curb unnecessary snacking. We have lots of water bottles that we’ve gotten as “swag” from different companies, so I just fill those up and put them in the fridge. They are easily refilled and handy if you’re headed out to a day at the park, zoo, or swimming pool!

Another trick I have is keeping a “snack box” in our refrigerator and in our pantry. In our fridge snack box, I keep different items like grapes, cheese, yogurts, and baby carrots. In our pantry snack box, I keep things like granola, applesauce, cheese fish crackers, and fruit pouches.

Easy, Healthy Snack Boxes | Housewives of Riverton for

I use snack size zip bags to separate them so there is a variety of snacks for the kids when they get rumblies in their tumblies! I usually refill them on Sunday evening so we can start the week with it being all stocked and ready to go. I keep the snack boxes on the bottom shelf of the fridge and the bottom shelf of the pantry, so even my little ones can grab a snack when they need one! My one rule is that you can’t have the same snack twice in a row

Easy, Healthy Snack Boxes | Housewives of Riverton for

Having our snack boxes has also helped me curb my unhealthy snacking. Knowing that I can just grab a bottle of water and a small snack has helped keep me from downing one too many sweet treats!

If you are looking to do something a little special now and then, check out these great snacks!

Yogurt Drops

Frozen Peanut Butter Treat

Taco Bites

I’m so happy that I was able to be a part of My Mommy Style’s Summer Learning Series and I hope these snack ideas will help you throughout the summer and with the upcoming school year. Enjoy!


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