Easy No Sew Art Smock

easy no sew art smock for kids

I have always been so bad at remembering to cover my kids clothes when they paint. After our last ruined shirt I decided it was about time I made a smock of some sort. This one was SO easy, it took me five minutes and that includes the time I took to take photos. No sewing machine required, just an old adult sized shirt, scissors, and a few pins.

First place the adult sized shirt on a table and lay out flat. Place one of your child’s shirts on top of the adult sized shirt, you will use their shirt as a guide for the size. Line up the collars and center the child’s shirt as best as you can.

easy five minute art smock



Next, add a pin to the outside of the child’s shirt and then add another pin about one inch wider.

easy five minute art smock for kids



Remove the child’s shirt and cut in a straight line following the outside pin. Repeat on the other side.

easy art smock



Now, following your other pin cut 1-inch strips about two-thirds up the side of the shirt. (see picture below)  These will be your ties. I cut the front and the back of the shirt so we could tie them on the sides, but you can also open the shirt and only cut the 1-inch strip on the front so you can tie the smock in the back.

easy no sew art smock



Now throw that thing on your child and pull out the messiest paints you own! 🙂