Cooler Corn

If you know me, you know that I don’t enjoy cooking.  If you don’t know me, you should know that I don’t enjoy cooking.

I do it, don’t get me wrong.  There is always something to eat at my home, but mark my words, I didn’t make a cute little recipe box housing hundreds of cherished “family favorites”.  I most definitely didn’t go to the store with a grocery list to pick up the articles of  special ingrediants, and you can bet your life on the fact that no coupons were involved in the transaction process.  You see, I am a sandwich girl.  I pride myself on a turkey sandwich, well done.  Not well done, like I cooked it too long – but well done like


Now this might be a bit elementary for some of you, but that’s okay.  I am not offended.  I would rather swing on the hammock a little longer with my kids and read a good book, than spend two hours preparing a meal that my kids won’t want to eat anyway.  Honestly, I would rather do laundry, fly a kite, organize the filing cabinet, mow the lawn, clean the garage, or kill spiders, than cook.  So, I am not the best MommyStyler to ask advice in this particular subject.  I guess my foodie posts will be more targeted to the non cooking/cooker.

First rule of entering the dreaded kitchen:  Play some really great music, very loudly.  Make sure you dance while you cook, be careful not to hurt anyone – it can easily happen.  While things heat up and such, grab your kids and swing them around.  They won’t know what hit them, but the smiles you will find on their tiny starving faces will be awesome!  I once took my kids to a restaurant, and they ordered corn dogs.  (yuck).  When the waitress returned and placed their warm orders in front of them, one child took a huge bite and yelled, “YUCK!”  I was completely embarrassed and asked what the problem was.  She said, “It’s like all crispy and stuff.  It’s supposed to be gooey like ours that we make in the microwave!”

Now before you judge me too harshly, realize that I haven’t been called into social services, yet.  (My deprived husband may be the first to make that call).  Over the years, I have forced myself to cook a full dinner about 3-4 times a week and then fill in the other nights with something easier, such as ….well….sandwiches, or spaghetti, or quesadillas.  Pizza is always great on a Friday night.  The goal in our home (which sometimes happens really well, and sometimes not at all) is to have each child in charge of one night a week.  It runs oldest to youngest, meaning Mondays we pretty much eat spaghetti, Tuesday – my second oldest works at providing a full meal, and it goes downhill from there.

Recently, we started using Dream Dinners – and it has saved not only my life, but the life of my children.  I go and pre make about 14 dinners for the month at their place of business, and freeze them.  They are yummy and healthy!  I have learned more in the past 6 months about cooking than in the past 36 years!  Funny thing happened, the kids are excited to sit around the dinner table – which is important, unfortunately, and I eat more.  Gone are the days that I make recipes up, cook for an hour, and then it tastes like crap.  ok, not completely gone but more sparse.

SOOOOOO now for my words of wisdom, and the meaning of this post.  I am going to teach you how to make “Cooler Corn”!  I have never done it, so don’t take my word for it!  Maybe I’ll try it tonight.  If I was more on top of it like the other mommies, I would have step by step pictures and tutorials for the blog.  Maybe I’ll get better over time 🙂

In our home, there are seven kids – yes seven.  We make a lot of corn, and when we do, it never fits in the pot.  We have to pull out two pots, and still break the corn in half.  The problem is, I LOVE having a full ear of corn *that’s how you say it right?* not a half.  And usually when you make corn, you are eating it with other stuff that needs to cook on the stove.  That’s why I LOVED this idea when I saw it online.  It would work well at home, at a tail gate party, camping, or wherever else you can imagine!


As many ears of corn to feed the crowd

Boiling Water

Ice Chest/Cooler *ice chest is kind of a weird word, don’t you think?*

Now for the directions:

1. Give your cooler a good washing and place all the corn peeled *shucked…husked….”is this corn hand shucked?” sorry, I couldn’t help it….and hair removed, all in the cooler. (That sounds kinda gross calling it hair)
2. Pour enough boiling water into the cooler that the corn is completely covered, like when you take a bath and you want ALL of your body covered, no parts sticking out, ya ear?
3. Close the lid tight, and let it set for 30 minutes. *insert dance party with the kids in the kitchen right about here*  and then it will done!
The corn will keep warm and ready to eat for a least 2 hours.  Enjoy!
*PS* I have had a crazy, kind of bad day – or more like a really bad week – This post on food about did me in.  Next time I’ll start my food post much earlier than the day of.
Happy Shuck husking!
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  • Cassia

    Leave it to you to be hilarious AND informative! I totally love this idea!! And remember, I didn’t make a dinner…just dessert!! :)lolReplyCancel

  • Melissa Hadfield

    Janae, You don’t need to worry, that was the perfect food post! Very funny, informative, relatable, and something that I will totally do! Very good post.ReplyCancel


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