Christmas Reindeer Charcuterie Board

This Christmas Reindeer charcuterie board is sure not to go unnoticed at your holiday table. The brie cheese in the shape of Santa’s reindeer will appeal to kids and adults alike.Β  To assemble the Santa’s Reindeer appetizer board, you’ll need to creatively and carefully arrange these tasty components into a piece of edible art. Choose a wooden, marble or slate board as the canvas for your masterpiece. If you don’t have those things you can simply use a cookie sheet as this one was!

The size of the board depends on the number of guests and available space, but it should be large enough to comfortably accommodate all the elements. New to arranging charcuterie boards? This post may help.

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Making your own Christmas Charcuterie Delight

Items you may need for your charcuterie board:

Unveiling the Christmas Reindeer Charcuterie Board Recipe

A Rudolph-Inspired Masterpiece

At the heart of this festive creation is the charming centerpiece β€” Santa’s reindeer crafted from delectable brie cheese. The whimsy begins as you shape the cheese into the iconic reindeer figure, complete with ears, eyes, and a red nose crafted from an olive, bell pepper slice, and pecan nut, respectively. The finishing touch is the white fluff hat, cut creatively from the brie, secured with skewers.

Choosing the Perfect Canvas

To assemble this culinary masterpiece, select a wooden, marble, or slate board as the canvas for your edible art. The board’s size should accommodate the number of guests and available space, providing a generous surface for arranging all the festive elements.

Ingredients for a Delightful Celebration

The magic doesn’t stop at the reindeer. The charcuterie board is adorned with an array of delicious components, including hard cheese, mozzarella, dorblu, salami, walnuts, dried apricots, assorted crackers, and an assortment of herbs, berries, and coconut shavings for decoration.

Christmas Reindeer Charcuterie Board Recipe

Christmas Reindeer Charcuterie Board

Indulge in the festive spirit with our Christmas Charcuterie Board, featuring a whimsical centerpiece of Santa's reindeer crafted from creamy brie cheese. This delightful appetizer not only captivates the eyes but also tantalizes the taste buds with a curated selection of hard and soft cheeses, savory salami, crunchy walnuts, and sweet dried apricots.
Prep Time20 minutes
Keyword: charcuterie, holiday
Servings: 12 people


  • 1 package brie cheese
  • 1 slice red bell pepper
  • 1 olive
  • 1 pecan nut
  • 3 large breselles

For the board

  • 3 oz hard cheese
  • 1 half mozzarella ball
  • 3 oz dorblu
  • 8-10 oz salami
  • 2 tbsp walnuts
  • 1/3 c dried apricots
  • 1 c assorted saltine crackers
  • Herbs, berries, coconut shavings for decoration


  • Use your imagination and play with the arrangement to create a real reindeer look. Cut off the white part of the brie cheese as in the photo. From the cut portion, cut out the white fluff for the reindeer's hat. From the remaining portion, form the ears. Secure them with skewers. Arrange pieces of olives – eyes, nose – pecans and mouth from bell peppers.
    charcurterie board, reindeer, christmas
  • The cheeses can be cut into various shapes or just cut nicely for visual appeal. Use cookie cutters to make snowflakes and stars.
  • Fold each slice of salami into four. Pinch the folded slices together in pairs.
  • Cover the tray with a pretty napkin. Lay out the reindeer. Form the hat and pompom. Break the brezelles and form the antlers.
    christmas reindeer charcuterie board
  • Lay out the cheeses and crackers. Use muffin pads to create the visual effect of small plates.
  • Scatter walnuts all over the board, mimicking the path that Santa Claus' sleigh and reindeer travel on Christmas Eve. This gives a crunchy and earthy contrast to the sweetness of the apricots. Peel the tangerines and arrange them in an open space. Add snowflakes and stars.
    christmas reindeer charcuterie board
  • As a finishing touch, you can add sprigs of fresh rosemary or parsley to mimic evergreen trees, creating a breezy, woodsy atmosphere on the board. Add colorful berries and sprinkle the board with coconut shavings
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Delving Deeper: Your Charcuterie Questions Answered

Q1: What are the best cheeses to use for a charcuterie board?

A: The beauty of a charcuterie board lies in its diversity. Opt for a mix of textures and flavors. Include a variety such as hard cheeses like cheddar, soft cheeses like brie or camembert, and blue cheeses like gorgonzola or dorblu. Mozzarella adds a creamy touch, contributing to a well-rounded cheese selection.

Q2: How early should you put together a charcuterie board in time for a party?

A: It’s ideal to assemble your charcuterie board as close to serving time as possible to ensure freshness. However, some prep can be done in advance. Cut cheeses, prepare garnishes, and have components ready to arrange, but save the final assembly for shortly before your guests arrive.

Q3: What are good snack foods to complement a charcuterie board?

A: Complement your charcuterie board with an array of snack foods. Consider including a mix of salty and sweet options. Assorted nuts, crackers, dried fruits like apricots, and fresh fruits such as grapes or apple slices work wonderfully. Additionally, a selection of olives, pickles, and spreads like honey or mustard add depth to the experience.

Q4: What are the best nuts to use for a Charcuterie board?

A: Nuts provide a delightful crunch to balance the textures on a charcuterie board. Consider using a variety such as walnuts, almonds, and pecans. These nuts offer distinct flavors that complement the cheeses and meats, creating a harmonious blend of tastes and textures.

Q5: How to make a charcuterie board Christmas themed?

A: Transforming a charcuterie board into a Christmas-themed delight is a joyful endeavor. Incorporate festive elements like Santa’s reindeer, as showcased in this recipe. Use holiday-shaped cookie cutters for cheeses and pair them with Christmas-themed decorations like fresh rosemary or parsley sprigs as evergreen trees, colorful berries, and coconut shavings for a snowy touch. The key is to infuse the board with seasonal colors, shapes, and flavors to capture the magic of Christmas.

The Finishing Touch

As your loved ones gather around this enchanting charcuterie board, not only will they savor the delightful flavors, but they’ll also appreciate the thought and creativity poured into this unique and festive treat. The Santa’s Reindeer Butcher Board is more than just an appetizer; it’s a conversation starter and the perfect way to kick off a Christmas celebration, setting the stage for a joyous and memorable holiday season.

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