15 Unique Charcuterie Board Shapes

In the enchanting world of culinary celebrations, the charcuterie board has become a festive focal point for special occasions. As a passionate aficionado of delightful displays, I’ve discovered that the choice of serving board can add a touch of holiday magic to the dining experience. In this blog post, let’s explore charcuterie board shapes inspired by the iconic Christmas tree, Christmas wreath, Valentine’s heart, and much more perfect for spreading joy during holiday gatherings.

Last year we featured some amazing Christmas tree inspired charcuterie boards. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Christmas Tree Shaped Charcuterie Boards

christmas tree charcuterie

This is one of my favorite ideas from Fantabulosity. I love how rather than using a traditional wooden board, she uses a serving board. I really felt like this made the tree pop!

christmas tree charcuterie 2

This inspiration is from Ain’t Too Proud To Meg. She has so many charcuterie board ideas using wood boards. I loved this Christmas tree shaped board.

Christmas Wreaths

Wreaths of all kinds are some of the most easy seasonal charcuterie board shapes. Here are a couple of my favorites

charcuterie wreath

This charcuterie wreath from Wholesome Kitchen was a hit at our last family party. My favorite part was guests had the ease of taking a skewer of deliciousness!

charcuterie board shapes christmas wreath

This wreath charcuterie board by fig_and_brie is a work of art!

Heart Shaped Charcuterie Boards

Valentines day is a great time to celebrate with your significant other or to even celebrate not having a significant other! Here are a couple of my favorite valentines day inspired charcuterie boards. The heart-shaped charcuterie board is a delightful addition to any gathering, infusing a touch of romance into the art of sharing good food with those we hold dear.

heart shaped board

This is a beautiful piece shared by Boards By Mo.

yellow heart shaped charcuterie board

I love the bright yellow colors on this heart shaped board by Platter Me Up Colorado. It’s not the traditional red and pink, but that’s why I love it!

Football & Thanksgiving Shaped Boards

football charcuterie board

Nothing brings the family together like football! I love this football inspired board from Big Family Blessings. So many good things on this one platter.

turkey shaped charcuterie board

I thought this was such a clever way to spice up your Thanksgiving spread from The Baker Mama.

Kid Ideas for Boards

grinch charcuterie board

This was a really fun idea from Big Family Blessings. My kids love the Grinch and this will be a hit with them this holiday season.

Santa charcuterie board

Staying with the Christmas theme, I loved this santa shaped charcuterie board from The Baker Mama. What a fun way to share a healthy snack!

hocus pocus charcuterie board

This hocus pocus charcuterie board idea is so clever and fun! The flowing cheese hair…:) This one is from 40 Aprons and is just one of my favorites!

reindeer charcuterie board

This one is from us here at MyMommyStyle. What a fun idea right? My kids had so much fun with this reindeer inspired charcuterie board!

Frenchie Board

I loved this Frenchie Shaped Charcuterie Board. What a fun creative idea to display your favorite dog!

Some Irreverent Boards…

So I’m usually not into these kind of things, but I had to share. These would be perfect for a bachelorette party!

bachelorette party charcuterie board

You can find this one on Amazon if you dare!

hand cut charcuterie board

This one was wild! It is a hand being cut from Healthy Holme. What a clever, but creepy idea.


In the realm of festive feasting, the charcuterie board stands as a canvas for holiday joy. It doesn’t matter if you are hosting large of small gatherings. One thing to consider is using mineral oil on your board before you top it with goodness. This can keep it moisturized and clean. Whether shaped like a Christmas tree, a wreath, or a heart, these boards add a touch of magic to your gatherings. So, let the spirit of the season guide your creativity as you arrange delectable treats on your holiday-inspired charcuterie boards. Gather your loved ones, share the joy, and make each celebration a memorable occasion.

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