Celebrating Motherhood: Motherhood Power Week!

Celebrating Motherhood is one of our favorite themes around here!! Motherhood comes with the most incredible gifts of love and joy. What is in this for you? Lots of fun and interaction all week long on Instagram where we can learn from each other and celebrate with a HUGE giveaway, too!! YEAH!

I am so excited to introduce you all to our Motherhood Power Week 2019 – starting Monday, May 6th through Sunday, May 12th!

Whether you are a mom or you are waiting patiently for your miracle right now or you hope to become a mom one day -YOU are invited to participate in our biggest and FUNNEST photo challenge to date! We are so stoked to be partnering with Today’s The Best Day and a VERY special sponsor that will be announced on Monday to make the week even more amazing than ever! Celebrating motherhood can even be in celebrating your own mother!

We have all of the information listed out right here for ya to make it super easy! So take a seat and read through these quick rules and how it is all going to go down!

#1 WHAT IS MOTHERHOOD POWER WEEK? #MotherhoodPowerWeek is a week long photo challenge on Instagram. Every day there is a prompt for what specific photo and caption you should post to share. The goal of the week is to celebrate the beautiful roles that we hold as women! You do SO MUCH! And we want you to recognize the GOOD that you do every single day! Your impact in your family and community is unmatched and it is something to be so proud of! Through daily prompts, you will be able to think about truly how AWESOME you are and post and share it all with the Bestie Squad and your friends and family!

#2 IS THERE A PRIZE? Ohhhh yeah!! You know every year we LOVE giving away something BIG for Motherhood Power Week and we are SOOO excited to share what the GRAND PRIZE is this year!! One lucky winner will win a TWO NIGHT HOTEL STAY + 2 ADULT TICKETS TO A SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA ATTRACTION {can be Disneyland, San Diego Zoo, Universal Studios Hollywood, or LegoLand} sponsored by Get Away Today, who we LOVE! Make sure you check them out for ALL of your traveling needs because they are simply the BEST!

#3 HOW DO I WIN?! For every photo posted throughout the week of May 6-12 is one entry to win our grand prize! Each photo must tag @todaysthebestday @mymommystyle and our sponsor with the hashtag #MotherhoodPowerWeek! We also ask that if you have a private account, that you go public for the week so we can see the photos you are posting! Once the winner is announced on May 13th – you can go back to being private! You also must be following all 3 of us to qualify to win as well.

#4 WHAT ARE THE PROMPTS?! We have created this super quick and easy to look at prompt list so you know exactly what to expect throughout the week! We hope you really think about the roles you hold and feel how powerful you really are as a woman! YOU ARE IRREPLACEABLE!

celebrating motherhood, motherhood power week

Celebrate motherhood with a picture each day leading up to Mother’s Day!

#5 CAN I INVITE MY FRIENDS TO PARTICIPATE?! Girlfriend… YES!! Of COURSE!! In fact, we invite you to spread word about it right now! We have just a few days before the week will begin – so share this image on your IG stories and get your friends and family pumped to participate in #MotherhoodPowerWeek 2019!


We are SO excited for this special week! It is going to be amazing and beautiful and fun and inspiring! We can’t wait to see your photos and read your captions as we celebrate the beautiful gift of being and becoming a MOM!!

xoxo Danielle {@todaysthebestday} & Camille {@mymommystyle}

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