Celebrating for Celebration’s Sake

celebrating for celebration's sake

When you think of a party, you may think of a birthday party or a holiday celebration; however, sometimes the best parties are thrown simply for the sake of having a little fun and enjoying each other’s company! One of the key ingredients to throwing a great party is to have a fun theme to build the celebration around. Check out some of these ideas to aid you in throwing an unforgettable party.


For the Kids

If you want to plan your celebration for just the kids and their friends, there are many themes you can choose that will get the kids excited to participate.  Not to mention you will have some fun too!

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  • Super Heroes – Have the kids come dressed as their favorite Avenger or other superhero. Prepare snacks that will help them be strong and powerful such as “super punch” as a drink. Games can include obstacle courses that involve running, jumping, and completing tasks that require them to show off their superhero strength!

  • Disney Princesses – Sometimes a girl just needs to dress like her favorite Disney princess. As all your little Belles and Ariels arrive, usher them to the Fairy Godmother Spa, where they will have their hair and makeup done and be crowned with their very own tiara. Serve dainty treats and play all their favorite princess songs for dancing and singing along.

  • Fiesta – Between the tacos, churros, chips, and salsa, your guests will leave with happy tummies. Make sure each guest has a sombrero and don’t forget to have a pinata! You may even consider having two – one for the kids and one for the adults, so nobody gets left out of the fun. Play some salsa music to help the kids really get into the culture.


Family Friendly

If you want to have friends and neighbors over, but don’t want to book a sitter, consider having a celebration that friends of all ages can enjoy!

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  • Hawaiian – Summer has made its exit but that does not mean you can’t pretend it is still nice and warm. Buy leis for all your guests to be presented with on their arrival. Encourage grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts and flip flops for the attire. Provide pork, fresh pineapple, and shave ice for your guests to feast on. If you have a pool, float lights or flowers on the surface for that extra special island feel. You’ll definitely have your guests enthusiastically saying “Alooooooooha!”

  • Movie Night – Find some family friendly movies and use the theme of your movie to select your treats. Some great options are Harry Potter, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sound of Music (consider a sing-a-long!), Wizard of Oz and the Incredibles. You can also encourage your guests to come dressed like their favorite character from the movie!

  • 80’s Party – Between the fun costumes and the fantastic music, who can say no to an 80’s themed get together? Play some episodes of Rainbow Brite, Punky Brewster, or Fraggle Rock to keep the kids entertained while the adults dance to “Thriller” or “Love is a Battlefield”. You can also play a game of live Pac Man by picking a few people to be the ghosts, while everyone else runs from them.


Adults Only

If you are looking for a night just for the adults, call a babysitter now and enjoy a kid-free evening with your closest friends and one of these fun themes.

Celebrating for Celebration's Sake

  • Hollywood – For a night of glitter and glamour, invite your guests to show up in their finest old Hollywood attire. Play some cool jazz music and serve up fancy h’orderves and a sparkling beverage. This party can either be scheduled around an actual award night or simply provide an excuse for a classy evening.

  • Spa Night – A night of pampering is always acceptable, so invite your girlfriends over for a night of face masks, pedicures, and exfoliation. Make sure you have all the necessary supplies for guests to paint their fingernails and/or toenails. Provide treats that will be easy to eat if nails are wet or faces are covered with mud. Encourage guests to come dressed for comfort and play nice, relaxing music in the background.

  • 1920 Speakeasy – You can really get the party started with an old fashioned speakeasy with either cocktails or mocktails, depending on your guest list. Guests should dress in their favorite 20’s inspired outfits such as flapper dresses for the ladies and suspenders for the gents. Play some Louis Armstrong and teach your guests the Charleston for a night they will never forget.

  • Casino Night – Bring all the lights and excitement of Vegas to your home with a good old fashioned casino night. Have a couple of people volunteer to be the dealers in advance and have the usual games of poker, 21, and craps available. Provide each guest with a certain amount of chips to start with and have a prize ready at the end of the night for the person who collects the most winnings.


You don’t need a special occasion in order to have a celebration! With these party ideas, you can have a fun filled night simply for the pleasure of enjoying each other’s company and eating some good food. It’s time to celebrate!

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