Boots for Boys~ The Children’s Place

My sons wear out shoes faster than I can believe and when they’re not wearing them out they are growing out them. With cold weather around the corner I am now on the hunt for cute boots for boys and I LOVE the selection at The Children’s Place.

The blue boots are a fun spin off of the traditional brown or black. They are super cute and even have a suede feel to them.


Jackson just had his first “boys and girls” dance where they were taught how to square dance. He reassured me that his partner was just a friend. I told him I wasn’t asking and there was no need to defend himself. I have no issue with him thinking girls are gross for a long time. Shop more big boy boots here.


Jett is wearing these black high top boots that I adore, plus the are velcro and no fuss. Need I say more?




I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that I have three boys! These kids are going to be eating me out of house and home before too long. Ha ha! Can you imagine? Their dad is 6’6″ so I think we will need to restock the fridge way too often when the teen years come around.


You can find these boots HERE.

Happy fall! And keep those toes warm because winter is right around the corner.


camille walker,

I received free product in exchange for this post.