A Double Baby Gender Reveal


double baby gender reveal

Now, before you panic and think that I might be having twins….I am NOT! Paul has insisted that the idea of twins is so exciting and would love for that to be the case, but we are certain there is only one baby in my body. What you probably do not know is that my brother and his wife are having their 4th baby as well and they are due less than two weeks later than I am!

The plan all along has been for us to wait to find out the gender of the baby. I had a really hard time getting used to this idea and it took weeks of convincing myself that this would make the adventure of our “last” baby so much more fun. (I put quotations marks on “last” because, that is the plan, but you never know.) I told my husband that if we were to find out it should be something extra special like a double gender reveal with my brother and his wife for Christmas. He really liked this idea but did not want to do a “gender reveal” party because he thinks they are weird. Ha ha. I think they are fun! Anyway, he had the idea of us all going to a fetal photo and sharing our videos at Christmas to let our family know what the gender is! He was even clever enough to make a split screen so we could reveal the gender at the same time!

My family knew that we had talked about doing this, but when Christmas morning rolled around we said that we hadn’t done it and were still planning to wait. After we had eaten we all gathered around to have our annual “talent show” where we share skits, performances, and songs together. Each year is unplanned, and each year we find that this is often one of our favorite highlights of the year. The gifts are often forgotten, but a Saturday Night Live “Spartan Skit” is always fondly remembered. Last year Paul had us make  a skit video as a family to a terribly annoying viral song you can find on the internet called “Nugget in a Biscuit”, and insisted we make our own. Our family groaned as Paul told them that we made a sequel this year to throw them off track to what the true surprise really was and this is what they saw….

We couldn’t be any more excited that they are the same gender and what is really funny is that my sister in law and I have had all four babies within a year of each other and they have ALWAYS been the same gender! We are pretty lucky that a lot of our babies have been born so close to each other in our family.

Just yesterday I received the results from our medical ultrasound that everything with baby is looking healthy and the baby is measuring right with it’s due date. After a few miscarriages and a placental tear with Jett I am always on edge through my pregnancy and do not take the blessing of a healthy baby lightly.

We are thrilled to have this little one in our family and the fact that our baby has a best friend coming at the same time!

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