7 Ways to Teach your Kids How to Share & Giveaway!

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teaching-your-kids-how-to-share-teach-your-kids-to-share-sharing-parent-tips We’ve all been there…Christmas morning, a birthday party, or the neighbor kids coming over for a play date. “It’s MY turn!” “No fair!” “I want to play with it!” And the chaos ensues. Teaching a child to share is a parenting moment none can escape and yet it is essential to our child’s overall happiness and success in life. Children are wired to be selfish from the beginning and their little world literally revolves around them. In fact, one of the first words we hear toddlers say is “Mine!” It isn’t until around 2.5 or 3 that a child switches from solitary/parallel play to wanting to play with others.

So how to we nurture generosity within them when it is against their natural selves?

Monkey see monkey do.

Let your child see you demonstrate ways to share and how it can spread happiness around you. You could demonstrate this by sharing a bowl of popcorn, inviting your child to sit with you and enjoy a show, opening a new bag of toys and sharing with everyone in the room.

Give them the opportunity to share happiness.

Next time you are sharing a treat or something special that everyone wants a part of, include your child by letting them pass the item out to everyone. You could encourage those you are with to praise the child when sharing. “Thank you so much for sharing Jackson!”

Be okay with your child protecting their favorite things.

We all have things that are extra special to us and wouldn’t want to pass around the room and that is okay. You wouldn’t want to have your wedding ring handled by everyone in the room because it is special and you would want to keep it safe. There may be a few toys that your child values like a diamond ring and it is okay for them to keep it in a special place. oball I remind my kids that if they don’t want to share that special something then they need to keep it away and out of sight from their siblings or other friends so it doesn’t create a fight. This rule especially applies if they have a special treat they don’t want to share. I warn them that if it comes out when siblings are around it needs to be shared, especially if the child is using that treat and “rubbing it in the other’s face.” Sorry bud, now you are sharing that twinkie.

Make it a game.

For young children you may want to try turning sharing into a game until they are old enough to govern themselves. This could mean setting a timer for two minutes and once those two minutes are up the toy goes to the next person. You could also have them practice waiting patiently until the child is ready to give up the item to their friend. At times this can be a painful experience, but it is necessary!

Make a plan.

If you have children coming over and you know that your child wont want to share their newest toy from their birthday last week, put the toy away or suggest that the friends coming bring some of their favorite toys to play.

Seize teaching moments.

If your child comes home and complains about not wanting to play at another person’s house because they wouldn’t share say, “I am so glad you can share with your friends. It can be hard to do some times, but it makes playing with friends a lot more fun!” This idea applies more to your children that are 5+. When a younger child turns 3-4 they are now able to begin sympathizing. This a developing skill and the time that you can talk to your preschooler how it makes another sad just like it makes them sad when someone wont share. In our home I will ask the older siblings to help teach their younger siblings how to share but that doesn’t mean it is always easy. A new shiny toy can be hard for anyone to share when your child feels they are missing out.

Taking Turns.

One of our awesome readers suggests this, “I have the BEST tip ever….seriously the best. Here it is….when your kids are playing with something and another child wants to play with it have that child ask this simple question, “can I have a turn when you’re done?”. Here’s the crazy part, the kid won’t want to ask the question because they “think” the other child will obviously say no, but I have found in my preschool experience that 95% of the time the other child will say, “sure!” After the simple question has been asked and answered you just reaffirm that it was as simple as that and they will let you know when they are done playing with it. And trust me a lot of children do actually remember to tell the other child they are done. Both kids feel validated in this scenario and you don’t have to force or make anyone feel bad sharing. I remind kids to ask this way multiple times a week in preschool and I rarely have sharing problems.”

img_9848 Encourage imagination and interactive play.

There are certain toys that allow for more imagination and creativity where children can play together like the Go Grippers Collection for Oball. I love that these toys come with multiple cars and tracks that can be used in different ways within their collection. Kids II toys are easy to hold and race down the track or pile onto the dump trucks, loaders or car carriers. The bounce and zoom speedway was their favorite!

Enter to win this entire Go Grippers collection by commenting and telling us your favorite way to help children share or which toy your child would like the best!

If you don’t want to take your chances and you’re ready to just buy the whole set, you can purchase them here!

img_9835 One tip that has really helped us is if we bring a few of our favorite toys together. For example, these toys may be overrun by a group of dinosaurs or put into a Lego community for a construction site. Admittedly sometimes I will have to come up with these creative ideas of how to bring the worlds together, but now my oldest son is able to create scenarios like this for them as they play.

This new collection at Go Grippers can be found at Toys R Us and would make the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for boys or girls. Click here to shop this collection.

My son has been taking these cars around the house every where we go! And now that he has had some special time to play with it alone, we make sure that everyone in the house can enjoy them now. img_9846 Just remember, that above all it takes patience as a parent to teach generosity, but it is time well spent!

camille walker, mymommystyle.com

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  • Karine

    My 2 year old is OBSESSED with cars right now so he would die over the cars toy. ????ReplyCancel

  • Hayley Brown

    My son would love this set because he’s obsessed with cars and when our youngest gets older they can play together!ReplyCancel

  • Amy

    Oh my gosh I never knew they made all these other toys too!!! We had the balls when my kids were younger and they loved them! Great gifts!ReplyCancel

  • Noelle

    When in doubt, go with Daniel Tiger ???? “You can take a turn, and then I’ll get it back.”ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Allen

    I have 4 amazing Boys! When we have struggles with sharing my husband and I like to set the timer so they have equal turns. We also like to remind them of other’s feelings and how important it is to think of how others may feel too. That way they will want to work together.

    These toys are amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Chanae

    Give kids lots of opportunities to share and lead by example.ReplyCancel

  • Tara Pettingill

    Simply asking, “Can I have a turn when you’re done, please?” is a great phrase for any age! The question tells the person being asked that you are interested in what they are doing, and allows the you to receive a reply as to whether or not you will have an opportunity, as well! While my kids are now older, this prize bundle is perfect for gift giving! Thank you for the opportunity!ReplyCancel

  • Most of the toys we keep out are “Family toys” which our children are required to share. If they aren’t in the mind to do so, then we set a timer.

    It also helps that each child has a few special toys all their own that they choose whether or not anyone else can play with.ReplyCancel

  • Since my kids are so little still, we make the rule is that one child plays with a toy until they’re finished. Once it’s put away, the other child can take it. I read something once where children don’t really understand sharing until their older. It’s better just having the rule above.ReplyCancel

  • The best way I’ve found to get my boys to share with each other and friends is to offer an alternative if they want to play with a toy the other has. These toys look awesome!ReplyCancel

  • Melinda McGraw

    I really like how all of these toys encourage imagination and you can easily share while playing with them. I think sometimes by having a variety like this you can make a game out of it so the children can enjoy sharing with each other.ReplyCancel

  • Katie

    Sometimes it’s fun to set up sharing excercies like sitting all the kids down and having them feed each other marshmallows or another little treat. Make sharing a fun game.ReplyCancel

  • Wendy Goldman

    That would be awesome to winReplyCancel

  • Sarah Barrand

    Oh my goodness these are SO cute. I have never seen them before but will have to keep an eye out for them next time I am in Toys R Us. As a mom to 5 kids sharing is coming we are always working on, but coming from a big family it also comes a little more natural because there is always someone else touching your toys. It tends to help them see that it is still yours after someone else plays with it. It is ok to share, in fact sharing is fun (most the time lol). My kids would love all the toys but I think the Speedway or the Dump Truck with be the favorite!ReplyCancel

  • Amber Marshall

    My son just turned 2 and I have wondered many times how to help him learn to share with other kids (he likes to share at home but in different environments it gets tricky). The suggestion to have your child ask to play with a toy when a child it finished is a great idea. Thanks for the tips- I hope we win! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Polly Weatherspoon

    I like to get my son’s to share by reminding them how it feels to not be shared with.
    My son would love the race track!ReplyCancel

  • Laura Lundquist

    We love the Daniel Tiger song “you can take a turn, and then I’ll get it back.” My kids would totally love these!ReplyCancel

  • Heather

    My lil’ guy would love the dump truck!!! He loves his little oball car he has!ReplyCancel

  • Melissa Wilson

    We could use some sharing tips at our house!! But seriously, up until about age 5 or 6 I can usually get my kids to share if I praise them for being really great at it – even when they are not sharing at the moment. It usually flips a switch and they want to please me and prove me right. Like I said though, there is definitely an age limit on how long you can use this one!ReplyCancel

  • Emma McNeal

    My boys would LOVE the race track and share that better than the individual toys. We try to do activities that require them to work together i.e. Parachute games and them talk about why it is important to let others have turns. We also do a “team” cheer like they do before an athletic game. We use our family name and say, “Go team…” we talk constantly about how their brothers are each other’s best friends and that if the want to be a good friend outside of the home they need to practice at home the best behavior possible including sharing.ReplyCancel

  • I love these toys. They’re the only ones that my baby was able to get a good grip on. XXReplyCancel

  • My little boys would be so excited about that tall raceway! Looks like so much fun. I love your ideas. Modeling the right behavior and making it fun work the best at our house.ReplyCancel

  • Tamara

    We use lots of praise for sharing and also have the kids ask to play with a toy/book after the other is done. Usually the kiddo with the desired object enjoys the power of being able to decide when to give the toy to the other child and does so quickly 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Wow! I have never heard of this brand before. These toys look awesome! My little boy would love them.ReplyCancel

  • Jessie

    Ugh, sharing. Haha. I actually started using a timing and making them switch. It turned into a game and works most the time.ReplyCancel

  • Mckeely Jean

    Sharing is never easy, it is something that has to be learned. But if you start young it can get easier and become part of who you are. Teaching by example is one of the post powerful ways to teach a child to share. I love them all, but the Speedway would have to be my top choice.ReplyCancel

  • Neena

    I love those cars! My 3-yr-old would love to have them! My favorite tip for helping my kids share is a time limit. The compromise is “I will have this toy for 5 minutes and then it’s your turn.” Usually works!ReplyCancel

  • My little one year old would love ANY of these!!!ReplyCancel

  • Aubrey Gourley

    I bet my little guy would just LOVE the dump truck!ReplyCancel

  • I have found over the years the best way to teach kids to share is have them ask one simple question, “can I have a turn when you’re done”. You would be surprised how many kids say yes you can have a turn when I’m done playing with it. And even more surprising is that half the kids actually go up to that child and say, “here you go” when they are done with the toy! I run a preschool and I have rarely had sharing problems using this simple technique. I’d love to teach my kids how to “share” your awesome toys you are giving away!ReplyCancel

  • Evelyn Heaton

    We are big fans of the timer to prevent our little darlings from creating the next world War over sharing. And we LOVE that Speedway!!!ReplyCancel

  • Vanessa

    If the kids are really struggling to share we have set a timer. It works great.ReplyCancel

  • Andrea Gamarra

    Our favorite phrase is “you can take a turn and then I’ll give it back” from Daniel tiger and it’s been working for his in play situations 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Paula Iniguez

    If it’s a shared toy, we’ll put a time limit so each child gets a chance to play. 🙂 Such a fun giveaway! Thanks for all the great tips!ReplyCancel

  • Amber Taylor

    I teach my kids to use the phrase, ” can I have a turn when you’re done.” It works wonders in my preschool and I rarely have a sharing problem. I would love to have this toy in my preschool collection and we can practice sharing with it!!ReplyCancel

  • Erika Lorenzo

    I always asked my kids to share.. toys, food, a drink.. from a young age. I always interrupted them and asked them to share. I figured that if they were used to it from day one they wouldn’t mind sharing with friends, family, or their sibling. Even now, as they are school aged, they are usually always great about sharing!ReplyCancel

  • Brenda

    We set a timer and trade toys once the timer goes off.ReplyCancel

  • Michelle

    I love these ideas. I have many preschoolers just learning how to share. It’s something that we talk about on the daily.ReplyCancel

  • Caitlin

    We always let our boys see lots of examples of sharing. And when he doesn’t want to share we stop playing until he does share the toy. Then we help him find something else to play with. Most of the time now he shares no questions asked because there is usually something else he wants to play with anyways by then.ReplyCancel

  • Tricia Andersen

    Oh my grandsons would LOVE these and boy, do they need to learn sharing as the youngest has now hit 17 months and thinks he needs everything his 4 year old brother has! They love everything cars and trucks and the speedway would knock their socks off! (and make me a cool grandma in the process)ReplyCancel

  • Candice

    I have 2 little boys with autism so sharing is always a challenge 😉 the best thing I have found is to set a time limit. ‘You get 5 minutes and then it will be your turn.’ And then I set a timer.ReplyCancel

  • Deidra

    I think it takes lots of practice, time & patience! My two year old would love this! ????ReplyCancel

  • Anna Delano

    There’s a group of us that bring a few toys to the playground and dump them in a pile and have all the children play with themail together.ReplyCancel

  • These are so cute!! My two year old would love all of these. Especially those ball cars!ReplyCancel

  • Megan

    My daughter saw these in the store and fell in love with the small cars. They would fit in her hand perfectly, so this is on the Christmas list. She will soon learn to share with baby sister who is due to arrive next month, hopefully!ReplyCancel

  • Carolsue

    My son would love all of these, but probably the Oball Go Grippers Car Carrier would be at the top of his list!ReplyCancel

  • Christin

    My boy would LOVE the Oball Go Grippers Bounce ‘N Zoom SpeedwaReplyCancel

  • Angela W

    The speedway for sure! Fabulous fun!ReplyCancel

  • Jill Stucki

    We love the ball we have. I encourage my almost 2 year old to share by praising her when she does. The problem comes when she tries to share goldfish crackers with her 4 month old sister ????ReplyCancel

  • Mireya

    I have a 6 year old and a 3 year old. I will remind them to share twice, but on third time the toys go to time out. In order for toys to come out of time out, the kids have to settle down and decide how and who gets to play with it first. They have learned to govern themselves and control their tempers. There are times when the toys stay in time out for days.ReplyCancel

  • Katie

    My 20 month old would love the dump truck and tractor toys.

    If my child isn’t willing to share, I take the toy that the kids are fighting over, and put it in a timeout. Then I redirect their play with something else.ReplyCancel

  • Melissa

    The Daniel tiger song has worked wonders for my 3 year old!ReplyCancel

  • Kristin

    My favorite way to help kids share is to remind them that they don’t have to give up their toy just like their friend doesn’t– we find something else fun while the friend finishes with the first toy. It is a hard lesson to learn, though!ReplyCancel

  • Shae

    All these toys look SO much fun!! Having a new little boy joining our family soon, these would be so much fun for him…and my 6 year old boy LOVES cars, and would equally love them! Providing a GREAT opportunity for them to share! 🙂 A tip that we use on sharing is the rule that if there is something special to them that they don’t want to share, then they need to keep it in a safe space/place for others to not have access to it…otherwise, it is up for sharing. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Nicole Thompson

    I find that setting a timer really helps. “You can play with it for 3 more minutes and then we’ll let her have a turn for 3 minutes.”ReplyCancel

  • The concept of taking turns has really helped my kids.ReplyCancel

  • Megan

    I have seven children from the ages of 4 months to 8 years old, and yes they are all mine:-). Because we have so many kids my children have learned to share at a fairly young age because not sharing isn’t really an option. Usually just being consistent and giving the constant reminder of we share helps. Also letting them have a special item that is just theirs that they don’t have to share also helps them feel like they have some control.ReplyCancel

  • Heather Ray

    We play games to practice sharing and taking turns. Simple as matching games and things. Also, we teach respect for special toy, such as the ones given by Grandparents. We also try and let them see it from the other child’s point for view. Explaining about feelings and showing love.ReplyCancel

  • Carolynn Recksiek

    We let them use the toy til they are done. But I’ve found that if they realize they can have the toy as long as they’d want, they don’t feel possessive, and either immediately hand the toy to the asker, or with in a few minutes.ReplyCancel

  • Angela Ingles

    My favorite way to teach my 2 year old to share is by playing with him and telling him, “It’s your turn with the car. And in a few minutes, it will be mommy’s turn with the car. And then it will be Eli’s turn again.” It’s working well so far. He has a little sister on the way, so we’ve been working on it a lot! I think his favorite toy from this collection would be the Speedway with all the loops and that claw feature, especially! He’d absolutely love it!ReplyCancel

  • Mary Wilson

    We try to buy toys that can be played by themselves or with others so it makes things easier. We love the car mat with a bunch of cars so everyone can have a turn.ReplyCancel

  • Juliana

    My son would love the trucks! Love the tip about asking for a turn when they’re done.ReplyCancel

  • Ashley elam

    I would love these to teach my kids to share!ReplyCancel

  • Diana Cote

    I think the biggest influence is going to be the parents. If you model good, kind & respectful behavior, they will see that and do the same. At least that’s how it’s been for us.ReplyCancel

  • Megan Chavez

    My little girl would love the OBALL Go Gripper cars! She actually played with one at her little friends house the other day and LOVED it! ????????❗️Cool thing is that the Go Gripper Cars have multiple cars! Perfect for sharing with her friends and family! Thank you for the opportunity to win this for my family!ReplyCancel

  • Hannah

    What a neat toy, my little guy would love the dump truck!ReplyCancel

  • corene h

    i like to play games where everyone helps each other and if you don’t you won’t win.ReplyCancel

  • Linda Quigley

    What a great thing to offer such fantastic toys and some ways to help kids to learn sharing. I have 2 grandsons 3 and 1 years old. This would be a great opportunity for them and myself on how to share and play together.ReplyCancel

  • Corene h.

    I like to teach my boys to share and get along by playing games. One of my favorites is the busytown game where you have to work together and share or you will not win. My boys would love any of these fun toys! Thanks for the giveaway!ReplyCancel

  • Jenni

    My little boy is in love with cars. He would love these toys. I help kids share by having them take turns or finding something that has a lot of pieces so there is more things to play with. Kids learn to share the older they get so with my kids getting older the sharing issue is easier.ReplyCancel

  • Ashley Davis

    My little girl would love this set!! We always sing Da Ile Tiger “you can take a turn, then I get it back”, it’s been pretty helpful.ReplyCancel


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