5 New Neighbor Gift Ideas That will not soon be Forgotten

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fragrant Jewels for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

gifts for neighbors, neighborhood gift ideas, prize candle, mymommystyle When someone new moves into the neighborhood it is so nice to offer them something that is worthwhile and shows that you care. Here are 5 new neighbor gift ideas that are unique and ones that will not soon be forgotten. I moved into my new home about three years ago. I was so excited to be a part of the new area but I didn’t know anyone. I was so touched by those who reached out and took a moment to introduce themselves. Really, the simplest of gestures can go a long way. If you are looking to do something beyond a simple hello, here are some ideas you may love!

1. Bring something that will grow with them in their new place A plant, succulent, or small tree can be such a sweet gesture for welcoming someone to their new place. You could attach a note that says something like, “We are so excited for you to put down some roots and be our new neighbor!” Plants are such a hard thing to move as they can be delicate so chances are a fresh green something will be welcomed with open arms and bring a smile to their face.

2. Write a welcome note It is so rare that we receive hand written notes these days! A quick hello introducing yourself with a plate of something homemade is a traditional, yet forgotten gesture that can mean so much.

3. Make them a list Want to take your thoughtfulness a step further? Make a list of your favorite restaurants with take out menus that will help them out on busy days, lists of local schools and numbers, trash pick up and mail delivery times, and how to locate the best in town.

4.  Fresh Food When I moved into my new place we were so busy packing that we forgot to feed ourselves and our children! A sweet neighbor brought over a basket of snacks as well as fresh produce. It was so nice to have something to eat along with our pizza. Another great idea is to add a pack of paper towels, paper plates, and plastic utensils.

5. A Fresh smelling Candle A sweet aroma can make someone feel at home in no time! This is another item that can be hard to travel with and so oftentimes they are not packed along. My favorite new candle is Fragrant Jewels. It is made from  a proprietary coconut wax blend which has a rich, creamy texture and a long cleaner burn.

This is a company in the USA that houses a special secret as it holds a gorgeous ring in each one. You have the chance of winning a  a ring worth $100, $1,000 or $10,000! I’ll admit, it is kind of like opening a secret present or opening a lottery ticket because you can’t wait to see what is inside. The major bonus is that the scents are absolutely delicious and when I burned this candle the scent reached every level of my three story house. I could literally smell its aroma all the way upstairs in my bedroom and my husband loved it too. I chose Sweet and Tart and Hot Apple Cider because I thought it would be a nice aroma for the holiday season. I absolutely love it! prize candle, sweet and tart, jewelry, gift, candles Here is the process: Burn the candle, wait until you see something poking out, dig it out, wash it up, and enjoy! prize candle, jewelry, gifts, rings
Mine came out in pieces and had some wax sink into the wrapping a little bit. Once I washed it up it was absolutely gorgeous! This would be a perfect ring to take on vacation as a back up wedding ring in case I want to leave my real one at home. The best thing about this gift is that it is something for your new friend to brighten up her home, but I guarantee when you tell her there is a hidden ring inside she will be over the moon!

You can buy yours at the Fragrant Jewels shop online now and choose from all of their different flavors! You can also use the promotional code, “FALL15” for 15% off purchases! I hope you found this list helpful! How do you like to welcome your neighbors to the neighborhood? Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow our YouTube Channel, and watch our day to day happenings on Pinterest and Instagram!

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