5 Natural Ways To Boost Your Child’s Immune System

Cold and flu season are here again, but you can boost your child’s immune system. Here are five natural ways to keep your kids healthy.

how to boost your child’s immune system
Cold and flu season are here again, but you can boost your child’s immune system. Here are five natural ways to keep your kids healthy. #waystoboostyourchildsimmunesystem #howtoboostchildsimmunesystemn #boostchildsimmunesystem

5 Natural Ways To Boost Your Child’s Immune System

With the cold and flu season around the corner, runny noses and coughing and sneezing among children are a recurrent cause of worry. While these illnesses are a common part of your child’s life, there are 5 ways to build your child’s immune system.

Your child’s immune system works as a defense system in their body. As your child is around other germs, some good and some bad, having a strong immune system will help them fight off the bad ones. There are natural ways to build up the immune system. I’ve tried so many ways to keep my kids healthy, but these natural ways are the best I’ve tried.

If you have a sick child, you should always consult a doctor first, but meanwhile, you can also use some of the natural ways listed here that can boost your child’s immune system.

What Helps Boost A Child’s Immune System?

A child’s immune system is developing and from right when they are a new born child. Breast milk will give infants natural immunity. According to pubmed.gov, the function of the immune system will hit it’s peak at puberty. It’s important to help build a strong immune system and boost it’s strength in those developmental years.

Here are five easy to follow ways to help boost a child’s immune system so they are able to fight off more harmful germs, including diseases, viruses and bacteria.

1. Need for Probiotics

Probiotics are a type of good bacteria for the body. They are a type of beneficial bacteria that are present in your child’s digestive tract. These bacteria help in the digestion of food. They also safeguard your child’s body from other viruses and help flush out toxins. A healthy digestive tract is a sign of a healthy body. Foods like yogurt are a rich source of healthy bacteria that are required for proper digestion. You should introduce your child to yogurt and make it more appealing by topping it with freshly chopped fruits like strawberries or blackberries. You could also ask your pediatrician to help you find the right dosage of probiotics for your child.  

2. Go to Bed Early

Children really do need a full nights rest and young children need their nap time. It has been so hard when my toddlers grow out of nap time, so we switch it to quiet time in our home. On occasion we will let the kids stay up late if there is something special going on. For most of the time, we set a bedtime and try to stick to that.

Sleep deprivation is another cause of the lack of immunity among children. Depending on their age group, children need at least 10-14 hours of sleep daily. Tuck him in, read a book to him, and watch him fall asleep slowly.

Sometimes, your kid may experience difficulty in falling asleep. This phenomenon is common in the first week of school. There is nothing to worry about since the inability to fall asleep is caused by tiredness. Let your son relax for an hour before going to sleep. Also, make sure he is not exposed to any electronic gadgets before bedtime.

3. Need For Stress Reduction

You will be surprised to know that your child has a stressful life, just like you. Children’s bodies react to stress in the same manner as yours. The increased secretion of cortisol from the adrenal glands affects your kid’s immunity. The regular lessons in school, the pressure to perform, and the fights in the playground, everything together lay stress on your child’s mind.

Distressing life is actually a way to boost your child’s immune system. To ensure your child is healthy and stress-free, let him loosen up and enjoy his games when he is home. Even allowing an allotted time for them to distress in front of a screen can be beneficial. Set an appropriate time for them and stick to it.

4. Try a Better Diet

All your nutritional requirements are fulfilled by your diet. Sometimes, the lack of proper nutrients in the diet can cause your kid to become weak and fall sick.

Fruits and vegetables are a necessity to strengthen the immunity. Antioxidant-rich fruits like blueberries, strawberries and cherries help prevent inflammation, and vitamin C rich citrus fruits help fight colds.

You should also check if your kid is allergic to any food. Allergy towards peanuts, eggs, and lactose-based foods are common among children, and they manifest as rashes, swelling and belly aches. It is worth looking into and treating allergies immediately, because if they are left undiagnosed, they cause discomfort to your little one, and can even pose a danger to his life. Instead of highly processed foods, make sure his diet includes a generous helping of fruits and vegetables, along with proteins, omega-3 fatty acids and carbohydrates.

5. Get Enough Sunlight

Sunlight is an abundant source of Vitamin D. It stimulates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus that are required for the development and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. So, encourage your kid to play outdoors as often as he can. He can soak in a lot of vitamin D and keep growth related pains at bay.

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Special thanks to: Aradhana for contributing to this post. Aradhana is from India. She is a veteran writer on topics concerning parenting, child nutrition, wellness, health and lifestyle. As a regular contributor to popular sites like Huffington Post, Natural news, Elephant journal, Thehealthsite, Naturally Savvy, Curejoy and MomJunction.com, Aradhana writes to inspire and motivate people to adopt healthy habits and live a stress-free lifestyle.

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