5 holiday basics that you need in your wardrobe

Keep the holidays simple with a wardrobe that takes the stress out of another to-do. Look and feel amazing with these holiday basics!

Functional Coat

A functional winter coat is the perfect basic as it’s an easy and stylish way to keep warm. 

A coat can easily be paired with any winter outfit and comes in a variety of colors and materials to match (or mis-match, if that’s the look you’re going for). Coats not only keep you warm, but can be styled in a number of ways, from being closed up with both buttons and a belt (or a zipper), to faux fur around the neck and sleeves. Good quality coats can easily last for years, and for the most part, are immune to changing trends as if you opt for a classic style, they are generally regarded as timeless.


Jeans are a good basic to have in your wardrobe year-round, however they’ll get a lot of use in the winter months. Straight-leg jeans are coming back into style, and along with skinny jeans, are a very versatile option. 

They keep you warm, and can be easily dressed up or down with a top and accessories, making dressing for dinner with your family or the work Christmas party easy. Pair them with boots and keep your legs toasty, or a closed-in heel for a touch of class. As well as cuts, having jeans in a variety of colors provides you with even more versatility when mixing and matching outfits.

3. Sweaters

I’m not just talking about the woollen, ugly (depending on your taste), festive sweaters that have become a Christmas staple. There are plenty of everyday, fashionable sweaters that come in a variety of sizes and colors. You could also go with quirky sweaters that have a cool graphic, bold colors or unique fringes, which would be ideal to wear to a Christmas party or in the office on a casual Friday.

Another way you can incorporate the sweater as a basic in your wardrobe is with the ever-versatile sweater dress. You can pair it with a number of different accessories to create a new look each time (e.g. black stockings and a pair of matching leather boots) for whatever occasion you need (lunch with friends, the office Christmas party). You could also have the Christmas sweater in your wardrobe, even if it’s just for the family dinner.

4. Winter Boots

Winter boots are a winner for every winter outfit as they are both practical and aesthetically pleasing, with so many lengths and styles to choose from. Knee-high boots easily complement a winter dress or a jeans, sweater and jacket combo, while ankle-length boots can go well with any pair of jeans or pants, as well as provide an edgier look when paired with winter dresses or skirts.

On a practical level, both knee-high and ankle-length boots easily keep your feet and legs warm, and good quality boots will provide you with ankle support. If you’re someone who loves to get out-and-about in the snow, you’ll also want your winter boots to be waterproofed.  

Fluffly Slippers & Accessories

While you wouldn’t wear these out of the house, fluffy slippers are an important basic to have on hand at home with the dropping temperatures. Wearing slippers at home can decrease the chance of catching a cold or flu, as well as bacterial infections. They can even help in keeping your house clean if you take your shoes off outside before coming in and put your slippers on as soon as you step inside.

Fluffy slippers come in a variety of colors and styles, and even in festive designs, such as reindeer, elf and Santa. If you’re not a slipper fan but still want to keep your feet warm, thick socks are the way to go.

As well as your feet, don’t forget to keep your head, neck, ears and hands warm either, which is where accessories like beanies, scarves, earmuffs and gloves come in. They are functional, while also providing an opportunity to add a pop of color to your outfit, or even an ice breaker at a Christmas function if you go with quirky designs. 

With these five basics in your winter wardrobe, you’ll be able to enjoy all aspects of the holidays whilst stylishly and effortlessly rugged up. Happy holidays.

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