20 Acts of Service in 20 Days: Besties Do Service with Style

I’ve been dying to tell you all about a service opportunity that we are starting in just a few days! With the holidays upon us it is easy to get swept up in the commercialism and craziness of it all. HOW CAN YOU make a difference? It is through small and simple things that great things are brought to pass.

I’ve been participating in #LightTheWorld for the past four years and have loved involving the community around me. This is why Danielle and I thought it would be fun to open the opportunity to you! The village around you needs YOU and what you have to offer.

On the list below you will find a great list of ideas that are small and simple. These are meant to inspire you to share and we want to see what you are up to! Tag us on your social shares so we can all come together as a community and see what the power of one can do when we come together.

WAIT, THERE IS A PRIZE? Ohhhh did I forget to tell you?! AHHH! YES. Every time we have a challenge around here, you KNOW a prize is in store! The Grand Prize will be announced on Monday {the 2nd} so hang tight until then. But giiiiirlllll – t’s going to be absolutely amazing and our special way of GIVING BACK TO YOU this holiday season! Trust me. You are going to love it. 

HOW DO I WIN THE PRIZE? If this is your first Bestie Challenge – WELCOME! And if you have done one before, entries will be similar to our last #BestieFallBucketList challenge! How it works, is every day you do an act of service, you will take a picture and post it to your Instagram feed using our hashtag #BestiesDoServiceWithStyle . Be sure to tag @todaysthebestday & @mymommystyle so we can see it too! Every photo that is posted is an entry to the prize! 

WHAT IF I DON’T WANT MY SERVICE TO BE SHARED ONLINE? We absolutely get it! If you don’t wish to post your acts of service on Instagram, you do NOT have to! You can still participate for fun! In order to be eligible for the prize at the end though, you do need to share your photos and what you are doing. 

Honestly, there are some really great ways that you can post about your acts of service without feeling like you are bragging or showing off. Think of every photo that you post as LIGHTING THE WORLD. You are SHARING GOODNESS. You are sharing light and kindness and your photos and stories will be an inspiration to your family and friends! 

YOU GUYS. I am soooo excited for this special service project!! I was doing some quick math and realized that if ALL OF YOU that read this message {approximately 100,000 of you!} participated in this challenge and did 20 acts of service for 20 days… we could serve and show love to 2,000,000 PEOPLE!! TWO MILLION. Is that unreal, or what?!!? 

I am so blessed to know you. I love you. I am excited to serve with you. I can’t wait to spread light and goodness and happiness to EVERYONE around us this holiday season! This is going to be GOOD!! 

xoxo Danielle & Camille

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