Take a Walk in My Shoes: The Life of a Mommy Blogger

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Take a Walk in My Shoes The Life of a Mommy Blogger, mymommystyle.com I am often asked what it is like to a “Mommy Blogger.” I know this term can be met with wrinkled noses as  some bloggers would rather be referred to as “online influencers”, “writers”, or “authors.” For me, it seems funny to make a stink about that title because that IS what I am. I am a Mother, which I absolutely LOVE being, and my blog name is even called “My MOMMY Style.” I guess the reason why this term can be seen as derogatory or offensive is the fact that many do not take the business of blogging seriously or assume even for a minute that a blogger is a business owner and that is exactly what we are!

Just this week I was asked to speak at a Junior High school for their career day and speak to a few hundred students of what it means to be a professional blogger. I was so thankful for the opportunity and it was exciting to see how many of the students were interested in knowing what a bloggers life was like and what skills were involved to make it a viable career. I have now been blogging for four years and feel like I am finally understanding what it takes to be a successful blogger.

There are SO many bloggers that are bigger and better than I am, but I can say with full confidence that I LOVE my job as a blogger and count it as a serious blessing to be a “Mommy Blogger.” I get to play with my babies, help others online, and help supplement our family’s income; I consider that a pretty sweet gig. So what does being a Mommy Blogger entail? Is it a good fit for you? These are some of the questions I had the students ask themselves when thinking about themselves and if blogging would be a good fit.

Do you love writing?

Do you enjoy photography?

Do you enjoy social media?

Do you like graphic design?

Are you passionate about sharing ideas?

Are you a self-starter?

Do you like to be creative and think outside the box?

Are you good at multi-tasking?

I have always been a writer. I started writing in my journals at the age of 5 when I began keeping my own private journal at school. I easily have over 20+ journals from my growing up years! Many of them are filled with silly drama, but many of them are filled with life-shaping moments that I am so glad I kept record of.  I feel like any type of writing helps one to discover who they are,  keep track of important life events, and help mold you into the person you are. Sometimes we don’t understand our own thoughts or what we truly believe until we talk it out with someone, or in this case get it down on paper. I have always LOVED doing that. When blogging online became a “thing” and people were sharing such personal thoughts online I thought it was CRAZY. Aren’t you supposed to be hiding your thoughts away under a mattress? And so began the age of viral sharing and I am so thankful that I see it now for what it can be. It can be about sharing things that are helpful, beautiful, scary, educational, and honest. Blogging is all about finding and sharing your unique voice. It is a slow burn, passion filled adventure and one that could take a while to make an income from. It is necessary that you write about a topic that you won’t get bored of. What inspires you? What do you never get tired of thinking/talking about? Is there a something that has shaped your life in unique way that you think others could benefit from? So what does my day to day look like? camilles phone june 2014 042 A lot of messy buns, taking care of little people, diapers, and craziness. I also fill my days with editing, writing, negotiating, creating, and consulting. Some days are blogging heavy and other days I don’t even touch the blog. It is a constant balance act, but one that I really enjoy. After graduating from college in Family Consumer Sciences Education I worked in the mortgage business for six years and I learned so much about sales, business negotiations, finance, and becoming more confident in a “man’s world.” Often I was the only female in a room full of men and I was flat out challenged by male counterparts who literally asked me, “What do you have to offer because all I see is a pretty face,” or “Aren’t you just going to go have babies in a few years?” Seriously. I am so grateful for this opportunity as it gave me the chance to build my confidence and stand up for what I had to offer. And WOMEN have a LOT to offer. And yes, even women who decide to stay at home with their babies. camilles phone june 2014 004 Blogging with my sister presented me with a lot of opportunities to help grow local businesses through blogging collaborations, networking, and event planning. I I have learned so much from her about community outreach, growth, consulting, and how to help a business grow. This is a picture of us hosting an opening of a children’t discovery center in our community. I LOVE putting events together but find I have to be really careful about this because it can take me out of the home more than I like. I really enjoy bringing bloggers and businesses together because I know the influence of a blogger is so strong and can change the growth of so many businesses. This has led to business consulting and campaign management on a small scale that I have just started doing more and I love it. I have learned the importance of saying no and how to differentiate between a “want to” and a “have to.” I could in NO way make this possible without the support of my husband. He supports me creatively, managing the finance of my business, being a part time photographer,  a rockin’ fix it man,  as well as stepping up to full kiddie time when I am away at a conference. My Mommy Style_118   The opportunity to be an influencer online is only growing. It is becoming more popular all of the time. That means the competition is always growing but your unique voice is yours alone to share! Finding it and sharing it can be amazing for your growth as a person no matter how big or small you are online. Using your voice for good is a powerful tool.

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    I have been considering starting a blog just for grins and had never considered it a moneymaking endeavor. However, that changed when my son decided to try to make money on Youtube. I don’t know if I will be so dedicated. Maybe some day…ReplyCancel


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