9 Ways to Celebrate Life with Your Dog

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Looking for ways to celebrate life with your dog? I’ve been thinking a lot about pets lately and the impact they have on our lives. In my case my dog started as our first “child”, he was the center of many of our activities and adventures. Now that I have four children I want to make sure that I value the time I have to share with him. Celebrate Life with Your Dog Poppy has been part of our family almost as long as Paul and I have been married. He is turning 11 in just a few short weeks and I have been reminiscing about 10 years ago when he was turning 1 and I threw him his first “doggy party.” Each of the couples in my family that had a dog  brought their pups to enjoy the celebration. We had dancing, doggie treats, a piñata, and a cake. I cherish those pictures from that day. Celebrate Life with Your Dog My family teased me for years about this party, how silly the dogs looked, the insanity of throwing a dog party, and the attention to detail down to their very own “goody dog bag” to take home at the end of the night. I can tell you that it is a precious memory shared by us all because it is now framed among the family pictures hung on the wall at my parents’ house nestled among the pictures of grand babies and memories long past.[/caption] Celebrate Life with Your Dog Poppy is the only surviving puppy of that group and I have become hyper aware of this fact this year. Just last month Poppy had a seizure in our kitchen. It was a normal, every day moment as I was heading to the pantry to get food for the kids when Poppy came trotting behind me and collapsed to the ground. I was there by his side immediately as he seized and urinated on the floor. My heart was crushed. I know that Poppy is getting older, but I am dreading the day he moves on. He is my best friend in every sense of the word. He warms my toes and is a constant companion during late night feedings or late night Netflix binges. He is my scrap buddy in the kitchen and clean up team with the endless food being dropped on the floor. He is my adventurous sidekick for hiking and exploring new paths. He is my puppy and I adore him. After a check up and blood work nothing was found to be the problem. He was put on medication for nausea and after completing the medication seems to have made a full recovery. The veterinarian said it could have been something he ate, hitting his head, or old age. At this point we are not really sure, but I intend to savor each day as if it is on borrowed time. Celebrate Life with Your Dog, best friend, dog ownership, dog tips, owning a dog Here are 9 ways to celebrate life with your dog:

Throw a party. Whether this an actual birthday, an anniversary of the day you met, or a celebration of a favorite trail there is no reason to not make a regular day extra special. Spend special time eating a treat together and doing something you both love.

Travel. Experiencing a new place is always more fun with your best friend. Find a furry friendly place and make some memories exploring a new lake, city, or hiking trail.

Eat well. Feeding your dog the nutrients he/she needs makes a better life for you both. organic dog food, celebrate life with your dog Tender & True™ is made with all organic nutrients and will keep your pup feeling their best.  Tender & True™ is a super food that contains no fillers and it is up to the standard of food you would like to eat. Antibiotic free, no artificial preservatives or fillers. Live a little. Take your dog for a drive around town with the windows rolled down. (Keeping cautious speeds of course.)

Exercise. In my opinion this is one of the best benefits of having a dog. They need to get outside and so do you! A little sunshine and fresh air goes a long way.

Snuggle. Pull out your favorite blanket, movie, and popcorn and enjoy a night in together. This has to be my dog’s favorite part of the day. He isn’t allowed to sleep on our bed, so snuggling on the couch is the best gift I can give him.

Play. Spoil your pup and find a new toy that you know he will love. Dogs have a way of healing our hearts and laughing together is a great way to end the day.

Eat peanut butter. Because you should always eat peanut butter and it is hilarious to watch you buddy try to lick it off his nose.

Capture the moment. I have never regretted including poppy in our family photos. Often times he will saunter in and plop himself right in the middle of a photo shoot or family moment and I love it. Videos are the closest we will ever get to a time machine so take out your camera and film those silly or simple in between moments.


If you are looking for an Antibiotic free, USDA Organic superfood, you can find the full line of Tender & True™’s products here. Each product is well blended and suitable for any stage of your furry friend’s life. Find Tender & True near youIn what ways do you like to celebrate life with your dog? You might also like:

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