10 Things You Have to Do in Utah Before the Winter Ends

Winter couple outdoors on snowshoes
Author: Alyssa Craig

Truth be told, we have been experiencing a funny winter here in Utah. While we have had the occasional snow storms here and there, we have also experienced warmer than normal temperatures and a lot of sunny skies. It is possible this might have you prematurely excited for spring weather, but Utah winters provide for many memories to be made that you may regret missing out on when the seasons change again. Be sure to take advantage of fun activities and events that are only available this time of year.


  1. Hit the Slopes

The title of “Best Snow on Earth” has been well earned and makes Utah winters magical. Many in Utah find themselves in relatively close proximity to one or more ski and snowboard resorts. Whether it is Brian Head in the South or one of the many resorts in the northern part of the state, take a day to get your ski or snowboard legs back, or take a lesson to learn a new sport.


2. Olympic Park

Even 13 years later you can still experience some of the excitement of the Winter Olympic Games. Visit the Olympic Park to try your hand at bobsledding or, if you are feeling extra brave, the skeleton.

3. Ice Skating

A classic winter activity, Utah provides many opportunities to check ice skating off of your winter “must do” list. You can either find a recreation center to skate indoors or to really experience the brisk winter days, go to an outdoor rink. The Gallivan Center in downtown Salt Lake City is an old favorite or you can find a smaller outdoor rink such as the one in Murray Park in Murray or Merlin Olsen Park in Logan.


4. Tubing and Sledding

Whether you go with a group of adults or small children you can find the perfect hill for you and your crew to have a great day tubing or sledding. There are many places where you can do so for free and other, bigger hills where you can pay to rent the tubes and be transported up the hill.


5. Cross Country Skiing or Snowshoeing

If the winter time takes you away from your usual hiking and walks in nature, consider going for a nice walk up the trail in snowshoes or find a nordic trail for some cross country skiing. This can help you stay in great hiking shape and help you see your favorite trails in a different kind of beautiful.


6. Snowmobiling

This fun sport is only available when the snow has fallen and the temperatures keep it around, so it is definitely time sensitive. Looking for beginner areas that are great for families? We have them! Ready for pristine scenery that may put your skills to the test? We have those too! There so many great spots around the state for snowmobiling so check out this article for a spot that will best fit your needs.


7. Support Our Local Pro Teams

The winter seasons bring with it new sports seasons to enjoy. Find the time to go to a Jazz basketball game or a Grizzlies hockey game with friends. There are a range of ticket prices available depending on the importance of the game and seat purchased, so you can find tickets that fit your budget.


8. Go to a College Sports Event

Many people prefer college sports to professional ones, so keep track of the sports from your alma mater if you went to a Utah school or find one you like! Whether you follow the Aggies, the Utes, or the Cougars, you have a lot of options. Winter gives you a chance to catch some great basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, and swimming.


9. State and National Parks

While many reserve trips to our many state and national parks for warmer weather, you can take advantage of the nicer weather now! Some of these parks are in locations that get dangerously warm during the summer, limiting the time you can enjoy the outdoors. During the winter, the temperature is milder, making it the perfect time to take in the beautiful surroundings.


10. Ice Castles in Midway

With the “Frozen” hype still carrying momentum, this is a great activity for kids, young and old. These ice castles are constantly being grown, so even if you have already gone, go back to see how they have become bigger. You will have a great time going through the tunnels and enjoying the different colored lights illuminating the towers of ice. Make sure you do your research before you go, as the warm weather has had an impact on this year’s schedule.


Winter brings out the potential for exciting activities you won’t be able to enjoy at all, or in the same way, during other times of the year. Take the time to enjoy what Utah has to offer during this beautiful time of year.

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