10 characteristics of a lifelong friendship

10 characteristics of a lifelong friend

They say that you become like the five people you spend most of your time around, which means that choosing your friends is important not only for your overall happiness, but also for helping you become your ideal self. Some friends are a part of your life for only a moment, while others remain by your side for years. So how do you tell which friends are going to stick around, and which will play only a small role in the narrative of your life? Here is a look 10 characteristics that lifelong friends have.


They bask in each other’s joys.

Good friends bask in each other’s joys, feeling true happiness for one another when something positive happens in life. There is no jealousy, no envy, and no selfishness here. A good friend might think of ways to celebrate your big promotion or new home with you, or might ask you to give them a detailed account of something wonderful that happened to you, truly feeling with you the same happiness that you are feeling.


They love unconditionally.

A lifelong friend can see you at your very worst and still love you unconditionally. No matter how much you may vent, how much you may cry, or how much you may express anger, this friend will remember who you are at the very core, and you need not worry about them loving you any less at those times when you feel your worst.


They can bring up difficult issues.

Lifelong friends aren’t afraid to talk about the difficult things. A good friend might be honest with you about something that they feel is causing a rift in the friendship, or they might ask for some space when alone time is needed, with the understanding that this isn’t going to put a dent in the friendship. A good friend might even tell you something difficult that you truly need to hear, in a loving way, when others might shy away from communicating it. As this article explains, a good friend might even be the one to help point another friend down the road to recovery if he or she has developed a drug or alcohol addiction.

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They forgive one another.

Even at those times when you don’t, can’t, or won’t ask for forgiveness, a lifelong friend is willing to forgive you.


They offer steadfast support.

A good friend is willing to drop everything and come support you at those times when you need them most. If you call a lifelong friend shortly after a breakup, or if you’re left to deal with the aftermath of a major car accident, your friend is willing to cancel plans just to be with you when you need them.


They know how to empathize together.

Every set of lifelong friends has its own way of battling through hardships together. But generally, good friends will empathize together by actively listening, offering non-intrusive expressions of sympathy, and offering a hug or pat on the back when needed. Lifelong friends don’t merely support one another when needed; they know how to support one another.


They trust one another.

Similarly, lifelong friends simply trust one another. They trust each other with their deepest feelings and secrets. They trust one another to watch children, hold spare house keys, and be emergency contacts. They know that they will never betray one another. With lifelong friends, trust simply isn’t a question.


They have something in common.

Good friends don’t have to have everything in common, but they will have something significant in common. Maybe they share similar spiritual beliefs, or maybe they have the same sense of humor. It could be a shared passion as well, such as a love for running or reading. While some friendships might be built on something fleeting like shared substance abuse, the most lasting of friendships are built on something much more substantial.


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They bring out the best in one another.

If you find that you love who you become when you are around a certain friend, chances are that that’s a friend you’ll want to keep around for a while. Lifelong friends help each other become their best selves, and never ask each other to compromise deep-seated beliefs or principles.


Distance doesn’t matter.

Friends who enjoy a strong, lasting friendship will remain friends no matter where their respective paths take them. Even if they end up miles apart, and even if months or years pass between meeting with one another, it will be as if no time at all has passed when they reunite.



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