Nucleus Intercom Review with Promo Code and GIVEAWAY!

I am so excited to be sharing this Nucleus intercom review with promo code! Make sure that you link through the discount code at the bottom of the post to claim your promo code. Now that my kids are getting more independent and I have FOUR of them it has become harder than ever to keep my eyes on them at all times. Our home is three stories and I regretted not installing an intercom system when I built the house because I feel like we are always shouting to one another from one floor to the other. Home intercoms are so expensive and hard to repair and we simply didn’t have the resources to make this a possibility. I started to use my baby monitor to contact my kids when I was on the top floor and my kids were in the basement, but this wasn’t exactly the solution I was looking for. The kids would often ignore the monitor, and I didn’t always have access to it when the baby was asleep. Nucleus has made my life so much easier, and I feel more connected to my family than ever…and there is a lot less yelling.

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Nucleus, all opinions are my own. The Nucleus has blessed our home in so many ways, I knew I was going to have a way to talk with my children in my home, but I didn’t understand how completely it would help us out!

Here are 9 unexpected benefits of having the Nucleus in our home. 


  • Checking in on your kids at any time with auto answer. 

As I mentioned before, I was using a baby monitor to connect with my kids when they were in the basement. The only problem was a lot of times they were ignoring me when I would try to talk with them just as they ignore me when I yell down the stairs. The auto answer feature is awesome for this purpose! You can instantly see what is going on in any room and your kids will see YOUR face and know that you are talking to them. This could also be extremely helpful if you have teenagers in the basement! 🙂

  • Talk with your kids when it is time to go. Light a fire underneath them without having to yell.

This has been one of my favorite features because I can talk with my kids without having to YELL at my kids. I can let them know that we have 5 minutes before its time to go or let them know a friend is at the door without screaming down the hall. Dinner ready? Announce it without having to raise your voice or ring a large bell.

  • Connect to your Nucleus device from your cell phone.

YEEEEEES! I love this feature. My husband and I both can connect with the units from our cell phones and talk to the kids so easily. Oftentimes I am feeding the baby, getting ready, or in the middle of a task that makes it hard to go run around and get the kids on the same page. I can easily connect with everyone in the house right through my phone and talk to them face to face. I LOVE THIS FEATURE!

  • Chore maintenance and keeping an eye on things has never been easier.

I know I cannot be alone in the struggle of keeping kids on task when doing their chores. The Nucleus makes this task easier than ever because I can see what they are *or are not doing. This feature is also helpful if there are friends are over and you want to keep an eye on things. This can also be helpful if you hear ruckus and you aren’t sure if it is fighting or playing. Take a little peek and decide if you need to rush in or things are fine being left alone.

  • Check in on the state of things when you are out of your home.

My husband loves that he can call in and check on us at any time. Yes, he can call me on my phone any time, but this is the first time that he’s been able to call and check in with the kids without me. He teases me saying he can check in on me too. 🙂 I love that this feature is available connecting to your wireless service without having to pay a huge package cost monthly for the ability to check in on your home.

  • Peace of mind in a scary situation.

It was only last week that Nucleus gave me peace of mind in a scary situation. My son and daughter typically walk home from school together on good weather days. I decided on this day that I was going to surprise them and come to the school to walk home with them. I was with my two younger children, ages 11 months, and 3, and I had brought my dog along for the walk as well. I was waiting outside the school when the bell rang and spotted my daughter quickly. We waited for my son to come out and I assumed he would be coming to look for my daughter and spot us together. Minutes passed, and then twenty minutes passed, and I started to get worried. It wasn’t like him to leave his sister behind and yet there were only a few students left on the school property. Because I had my dog with me I couldn’t go looking inside, thankfully a teacher offered to help and even after  having the office message for him a few times he was still no where to be found.

I called a neighbor, that is a good friend, and asked her if my son might have gone home with her and her son, but she said she hadn’t seen him. I was still a mile away from home and not able to hop in a car and go on a hunt because I was with my three children and dog. He wasn’t at the school, and the teacher had said that he left with everyone else. By this point it had been more than a half hour and  I was really worried. My sweet neighbor offered to go to my house to check on things. They knocked and no one came to the door. Her son knows the code to our house,  (a surprise to me), he was able to go to basement and find my son safe and sound. I thanked her and was so relieved.

In that moment I realized I could check in with him from my cell phone and talk to him using the Nucleus! I called him and asked him why he hadn’t come looking for his sister. He explained he had walked home alone because earlier that week his sister had had kindergarten testing three of the days and he didn’t know that on this day she was back in school again.   (This was my fault for not telling him. ) It finally came together why he hadn’t come looking for his sister and why he was no longer at school. He had simply passed by us somehow and went on his merry way home. I was so thankful that I knew he was safe and that I could speak with him immediately. I wasn’t walking home angry wondering WHY he had left the school and was simply grateful he was safe and sound. Nucleus gave me the ability to understand the situation and know that he was safe.

  • Connect with family outside of your home.

A really fun feature about the Nucleus is that you connect with friends and family for all of those special moments without the use of a phone. You can set up a nucleus in the home of an aging loved one, a family member living far away, or a grandparent who wants to feel more connected with his/her grandchildren.

When I was in junior high/high school I spent a lot of time with my grandmother who had Alzheimers. I spent nights at her home to help take care of her and insure that she was safe. The Nucleus would have given my parents so much peace to be able to connect with her and myself as I stayed to help with her.

Any time I have a sitter at my home I make sure that they have access to a cell phone for emergency situations. It is very rare that I have to leave my phone behind because typically our babysitter will already have one, but I love that with Nucleus we can check in with our kids or a sitter without a phone. It is one added safety feature that makes leaving the house so much easier.

  • Use Nucleus as your baby monitor

Check in with your baby or play room any time with the Nucleus intercom system. My baby loves seeing our faces on the screen and it is so reassuring to be able to check in day or night.

  • Connect to Alexa to play music, order pizza, read messages, and more! 

Want to check the weather or order a pizza? No problem! You can connect your Alexa account and use voice control to turn lights on and off or play your favorite Justin Timberlake song.

Now, the only downside I’ve seen about having the Nucleus is the instant access to my husband at work. One the first day of installing our unit my three year old son called my husband about every 30 minutes. After a few days of excitement and requesting he NOT call every time he built a new Lego creation we were good to go. 🙂 I am still figuring out the Alexa feature and we really want to connect “smart” lights in our home so we can turn them off while we are away because lights are always left on at our house! My kids love talking to me and this too took some getting used to, but now everyone is used to it and we are using it the way it was designed!

I am so thrilled to offer you an EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE for My Mommy Style readers. Use the code :MOMMYSTYLE15 to get 15% off your entire purchase!

I requested this discount for my readers because I KNOW you will love this product as much as I have, it really has brought so much peace and comfort to our home.



Currently, I have two nucleus systems, but I want to get a couple more! I would like to connect one in my children’s rooms and gift one to the grandparents so the kids can connect with them!

Giveaway has closed. This post contains affiliate links and will in no way affect the cost of your unit, it simply helps to support our blog. Thank you!

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