Nucleus Black Friday Sale 20% OFF Your Entire Purchase

I have been a die hard fan of the Nucleus monitoring system and am so excited you offer you this exclusive Nucleus Black Friday sale with a special promo code just for you. MYMOMMYSTYLEBF will get you 20% off your entire purchase which is huge because you can buy multiple systems for everyone you want. Buy a unit for every room, every distant family member, or even use it as a way to monitor your baby in the nursery. This also works with Amazon’s Alexa which makes it that much cooler! 

One of my favorite features is that you can turn the monitor to sleep mode so you can feel safe about who is able to see into your home if you want to increase your privacy.

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This system has already come in so handy in our lives as you can read in this post here. If you are like me and do not have a house phone but you would really like the benefits of having one this may be the perfect solution for you. The Nucleus connects to your cell phone as well as other Nucleus systems on a secure line. You can set the monitor to sleep/do not disturb mode so you know your privacy is kept safe.

Nucleus Black Friday Sale: Why you should buy now!

There are so many scenarios where this would make the perfect Christmas gift. Here are a few I can think of right away:

If you are a long distance grandma who would like to see more of your children/grandchildren and have access to “hanging out” with them at any time this is such a fun way to connect with those you love.

If you are a mother with a busy household and you are sick of yelling to your kids all over the house, simply connect your phone with your units and let your kids know it is time to go to school, someone is at the door, or its time to get chores done around the house. My kids are young enough that they do not have cell phones so this is the perfect way to get a message out without having to scream or run around the house.

The Nucleus has also saved me in a situation when I had a miscommunication with my son and I was trying to find him at his school. I was worried sick where he might be and tried to find him at the school. Somehow we had crossed paths and he had walked home on his own. I was able to call him from my home to the Nucleus system and know that he was safe! *INVALUABLE.

I have used this system as a monitor for my baby and love being able to peek on my baby at any time. It has two way communication too so it is a fun way to say hello even when I am out of the house.

You are a college student away from home:

Stop by your home anytime by calling on the Nucleus and be a part of family get togethers in a second.

Parent traveling for work:

Sometimes it can feel like you are so far away and your timetable may not match up with your loved ones at home. The Nucleus offers an easy way for your kids to share special moments with you so you don’t miss a thing.

There is so much more…Take advantage of this Nucleus Black Friday Sale!

Don’t forget to use my exclusive code to save you 20% on your ENTIRE purchase! This code will be valid until Monday November 27th 2017.Nucleus Black Friday

You can also read my full review here: 

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