Easy Elf on the shelf ideas

This is our 5th year with our Elf on the Shelf and we love him so much! His name is Streamer because the first day he showed up at our house I used Streamer to block the doorway so my kids wouldn’t touch him before they knew they weren’t supposed to. So when I said we needed a name it was easy for my kids to come up with Streamer. 🙂

I’ve shared a few posts about the mischief and fun he gets into. You can click on the links below to find them:

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One thing I’ve learned over the years with our elf is that my kids love the simple magic of our elf moving and the fun in finding him every morning. It doesn’t need to be a huge production. It’s fun to do a few big things once in a while, but don’t feel like you need to get super creative for your kids to enjoy it. Here is what our elf has been up to this week.


I always hide our elf in our car once during the season. The kids will look for him all over the house and give up and then when we drive somewhere they’ll be surprised to find him waiting in the car. Make sure your mirror is where you want it for driving because once he’s there you don’t want your kids to see you touch him on accident. 🙂




This day took a little more time, but not much. We had made gingerbread houses as a family so I had our elf make a tiny little gingerbread house and he sat behind our already made houses. My kids thought this was so awesome! Because we had leftover candy and icing this really only took about 5 minutes. AND tiny gingerbread houses are so much easier to put together because they don’t fall down.







This is one of those super simple ideas that my kids liked. I had overheard my son say that it would be funny if our elf hid in one of those canisters, so I stuck him in there one night.





Another easy idea. It’s always fun to include your Christmas decorations in with the elf.




I was surprised at how well our elf could balance on our cupboard like this. I was thinking of using a pin or something to keep him in place, but I didn’t even need it. What a talented elf!




This one is totally a family inside joke, but I decided to include it because if you have any family inside jokes it’s fun to get the elf involved too. I have no idea where our inside joke for potatoes came from, but we all joke about getting matching potato tattoos. So weird. So it was easy to hide him in a bookshelf with a potato and all the kids had a good chuckle when they saw him. Yep, so weird.




I shared this Minecraft elf idea earlier this week. You can find out how to make it here.



If you’re looking to get your own elf on the shelf you can get them here.


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