Easy Paper Plate Ladybug Craft

easy paper plate ladybug craft


Just when we thought Spring was here we woke up to more snow! So we decided to make these easy paper plate ladybugs and read our favorite ladybug books hoping it would make Spring show up a little quicker.

To make the ladybugs you will need:

-paper plates
-red paint
-paint brush
-black construction paper
-googly eyes
-large hole punch


Paint the backside of a paper plate red (I just squirt a little red paint directly onto the plate and my daughter spread it around). You could also use markers or crayons or you could buy red paper plates. While the plate is drying cut out of the black construction paper: one long thin strip for the line on the back, a half circle or half oval shape for the head, a thin V shape for the antenna and punch out circles for the spots. I let my daughter choose how many dots she wanted and let her punch them as she counted (get a math lesson in too!). When the plate is dry, glue on all the things you cut out and add googly eyes.


This craft is perfect after reading one of these favorite ladybug books!
15 books about ladybugs

If it’s Springtime where you are (I’m jealous!) try this fun bug scavenger hunt for even more fun.

Click here to download the bug scavenger hunt for free!

bug scavenger hunt