Pottery Barn inspired DIY Wall Art

With our baby coming in a matter of months…I am half way done! Woo Hoo! (Picture to come soon) I have been spending a lot of time thinking about Jayne’s new big girl room and what I want it to look like. So of course I have been perusing Pinterest as much as possible and here are some of my favorites so far…


 Living with Punks

Emily Henderson

Sew Sweet Cottage

I started by stopping by Lowes and finding this awesome retro paneling. They only let you buy it in one VERY large sheet. But I had them cut it down for me at the store and walked away with 5 different pieces. For this project I cut the two boards 2′ x 4′ and 2′ x 3′. I went to my local Walmart and bought all the colors I thought I might need (I think each bottle costs $0.54).

For this step I simply used a small roller brush and extra ceiling paint that was left behind from our builder. You could just as easily use spray paint if you prefer.

Start with a pencil and have an eraser handy. The surface is actually quite forgiving…so don’t worry about making mistakes. I also just pulled up the image from Lily Pad Cottage to have a reference of what the lettering looked like and did my best to make it look similar.

UPDATE: I have recently been introduced to www.katiedaisy.com and learned that this artwork was made by her and sold to Pottery Barn. I am just in love with her etsy site and am planning to buy some of her art to go in the baby’s adventurer nursery. Loving THIS and THIS. She is obviously a very talented artist and her prices are very affordable. I appreciate her inspiration and truly enjoyed the process of picking up a brush and trying to create something myself, she is truly inspiring.


So there it is! So excited to put the room all together. Next project: Jayne’s bedding. What are your favorites? I am thinking about making my own comforter but not sure what fabric to use that is cute but isn’t too expensive!