Yummy Campfire Treats to make while camping

From fruity desserts to chocolate filled favorites; these campfire treats are going to make you the campfire king/queen during your campout.

Yummy Campfire Treats to make while camping

We are right in the thick of camping season, but there’s so much more time on the horizon to get out and enjoy nature. Whether you are planning on escaping to the mountains for a week, or just an evening campfire with friends, we have a list of delicious treats that you must try over your burning coals.

Berry Smores Dip while camping

This Berry S’mores Dip is such a fun twist on a traditional s’more. But this one can serve a crowd (as long as you are willing to share). Grab the recipe on Our Thrifty Ideas.

Traditional desserts are even better while camping

Pineapple Upside Down Cake cooked over the campfire

These Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Foil Packets from Bellyfull – An old-fashioned favorite made easier with a shortcake dessert shell and then prepared into foil packets for a fun camping treat!

Campfire monkey bread

Campfire Monkey bread from Say Not Sweet Anne is simple, it is easy to cook, and it only requires one ingredient to be stored in the cooler.

s'mores nachos cooked over the campfire

These s’mores nachos are cooked/melted over the campfire. Grab the instructions over on Let’s Camp S’more.

Inside out caramel apples - campfire treats

I’m not the only fan of caramel apples, so I’m sure I’d be a fan of these inside out caramel apples from Adventure Tykes.

apple s'mores

These Apple Pie S’mores are going to blow your mind. Well, your taste buds, anyway. You can get the full instructions over on Laura Fuentes.

S'mores in a bag - camping treat

Camping isn’t camping without smores.  But they make a huge mess. The mess is gone with this s’mores in a bag idea from Thirty Handmade Days,!!

Campfire scones

Campfire scones from Our Thrifty Ideas – individually cooked over an open flame and create a fluffy and sweet dessert that the whole family will love.

This is an unexpected treat during a camping trip!

cheesecake while camping

The prep work is even easier during your camping trip because you can make the filling for these Sopapilla Cheesecakes at home.

Campfire Eclairs - perfect camping treat

This fun and delicious dessert is cooked over the campfire or fire pit! Fill the woof ’em with whatever you want – pudding, whipped cream, fruit, lemon curd, fruit preserves, or something savory! Get the recipe for these Campfire Eclairs from Fabulessly Frugal.

Camping apple s'mores nachos

These apple s’mores nachos are a perfect combination of a traditional s’more and a caramel apple. Could you imagine throwing some caramel chips in with this dessert? Grab the recipe on This Lil Piglet.

Campfire apple crisp

Tender, juicy apples topped with an oatmeal streusel makes a perfect apple crisp. Don’t forget the ice cream on top of your Campfire Apple Crisp Foil Packets!

Another traditional campfire treat, with a spin.

Campfire treat - S'mores cones

Gooey marshmallow-filled campfire cones are a fun twist to a traditional S’more and can be customized with endless possibilities! 

Dutch oven cobbler, perfect camping treat

A dutch oven cobbler that includes only 3 ingredients? It doesn’t get much easier or more delicious! You can use the same recipe but with different fillings for a wide range of flavors.

Raspberry and Nutella Mountain Pies while camping

Mountain Pies are an age old camping dessert, and the addition of nutella and fresh berries definitely takes them up a notch! Grab the recipe for these Raspberry Nuttella Mountain Pies on The Sweetest Occassion.

Speaking of camping, we’ve got some fun ideas on My Mommy Style to get you excited for your next camping adventure.




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