5 Tips for a Successful Summertime Backyard Campout

Summertime should be a magical part of every kid’s childhood. Some of my favorite childhood memories involve sleeping in the backyard with my siblings, cousins, or friends. Here are a few tips to help you and your children plan a perfect summertime backyard campout!

Tips for a successful summertime backyard campout

5 tips for a successful summertime backyard campout

#1 – Bring the Goodies!

Take your child with you to the store ahead of time. Give them a budget and let them decide how to use it! Not only will this help them understand life-lessons in budgeting and decision making, but it will also help build the anticipation. Your favorite treat always tastes better if you’ve been looking forward to it all day! 

S’mores and camping go hand in hand. If you have a backyard with a fire pit, this should be pretty easy to do. If your backyard doesn’t have a safe place for a fire pit, consider melting the chocolate in the microwave, or roasting your marshmallows on your oven range and bringing them outside for s’more assembly.

Or try this yummy  Indoor S’mores recipe from Like Mother, Like Daughter



#2 – Prepare some fun games or stories they can read together

Here are some ideas for age-appropriate “scary stories” your children might enjoy. 

If scary stories aren’t your thing, you can’t go wrong with funny stories! It’s incredible how much entertainment a child can get from a silly joke book. Check out our favorite joke books for kids here.



#3 –  Get a tent they’ll be excited about!

My kids are so excited to use our new Stingray from Tentsile this summer, as evidenced by the fact that they couldn’t even wait for the snow to melt to go try it out! This tent is really cool because it’s really easy to set up, it’s incredibly roomy, and it hangs in the air between three trees!

I’ve found that it’s important to explain to the kids that this is NOT a trampoline, and they shouldn’t jump up and down inside of it – that being said, the weight limit on this tent is a whopping 830 lbs! Because the “seat belt” support system is so sturdy, it’s easier for multiple people to use it without ending up in a pile like you do in a trampoline. After my kids goofed off inside of it for a while, I was so intrigued that I had to go try it out myself! 

You can get your own stingray, or checkout Tentsile’s other lineup of fun tree tents & hammocks right here. 


4 – Stay Dry

Even though most tents (including our Stingray) come equipped with a rain fly, sometimes the pitter-patter of heavy raindrops on the tent can make it a little tougher to sleep. Be sure to check the forecast, and if your yard has an automatic sprinkler system remember to turn it off! (Ask me how I know ???) 


5 – Leave the screens inside!

Your kids have the rest of the year to bury their face in a screen playing their favorite video game. To make these moments truly memorable and encourage social interaction with their siblings, friends, and cousins, take the screens away – not as a punishment, but because otherwise they might miss out on some of the best parts of the whole experience! Having a deep conversation while staring up at the stars can be a memory they’ll treasure the rest of their lives no matter what age they experience it.


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