Write it down!

I always tell my self I’m going to do better at writing down the cute things my kids say. Lets be honest, it never happens! However, I found an idea on Pinterest and bumped it up a notch to make it my own. I really think this is something I can manage, and I know I’ll  regret it if I don’t capture all those cute little remarks from my munchkins.

First, I found this old recipe box that I never used.

I found some gray spray paint laying around the house.

I traced the box out on some really cute scrapbook paper I already had, and I picked this one because I knew it would match my bedroom.

I filled it with note cards and labeled them every day of the year with tabs for each month. This way it made it easy to  find the exact day I needed to write on! I think it will be so fun (and sad) to pull out that card each year and see how much they have grown up! From start to finish, this truly did not take me long start to finish (excluding the drying time for the spray paint 15 min).

Finally, remember to put it somewhere you’ll see it every day. I know if I put it next to my bed I will take 5 minutes before I crash and write down just a few cute little things that were said (or done) that day. This will be priceless in the future, and I’ll even share with you my first entry…. The best saying ever from the mouth of my 4-year-old. “Mom, your awesome! Milk comes out of your boobs, and your cute.” So, there you go, in his eyes, I’m a nursing superhero! I hope that never changes (the superhero part, that is).

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  • Camille walker

    Love it bobs!! I want one for Christmas! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Tanelle

    I LOVE this idea! My little guy is 15-months-old and starting to develope his vocabulary. This is a great way to remember the fun things he will say, and the funny ways he will say them. Thanks for the great idea!



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